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2009 Cobra Jet Mustang - History's Cobra Jet

We show how the FR500CJ Mustang stacks up against its predecessors

Photography by CC archives, , Ron Lewis/Ford Racing

Suspension Tuning
As with any professional approach, Calvert's big win makes the work appear easy and perhaps simple to attain. But when we started breaking down the steps the team took to get to the first round of qualifying, the real story was all about lots of testing. First, Calvert lowered the rear control arm mounts at the housing to move the rear suspension's instant center rearward to help the launch. Then he had to come up with Rancho adjustable rear shocks to produce the desired rebound valving necessary to get the proper plant for the rear tires. The shocks offer a nine-way rebound adjustment, a strong 5/8-inch shaft, and sufficient length to allow the car to plant the rear tires with body separation. In the midst of all this shock and instant center tuning, the team also established the car's proper pinion angle. In tandem with the rear suspension tuning, Calvert experimented with some custom-valved front struts to generate the ideal front end rise rate. Calvert is still experimenting with the front pieces, and production parts will follow.

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