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2009 Cobra Jet Mustang - History's Cobra Jet

We show how the FR500CJ Mustang stacks up against its predecessors

Photography by , CC archives, Ron Lewis/Ford Racing

Build Your Own
Ford only built 50 of these cars, but if you wanted to replicate the effort, it would be expensive but possible. Ford actually offers the body in white over the counter, but it would be a good idea to buy a wrecked V-6 Mustang for all the little parts that would be otherwise too expensive to purchase individually. The accompanying part numbers are incomplete because it is probably too early to get all the gritty price details. The idea would be to build a replica or tribute car that would be as close as possible to the real cars, but you'd want to make sure everyone knew this was not a real factory effort--misrepresenting a car like this would be bad form.

Description Source PN
5.4L Cobra Jet engine Ford Racing M-6007-CJ
Dual 62.5mm throttle body Ford Racing M-9926-CJ
A/C-delete pulley Ford Racing M-19216-M54SC
SFI crankshaft damper Ford Racing M-6316-CJ
Cold-air kit Ford Racing M-9603-CJ
Headers, off-road Ford Racing M-9340-CJ
EGR lock-off plate Ford Racing M-9Y456-CJ
9-inch rearend Ford Racing M-4001-CJ
Driveshaft Ford Racing M-4602-CJ
Driveshaft loop Ford Racing M-5478-CJ
Bellhousing, six-speed Ford Racing M-9392-CJ
Six-speed with bellhousing Ford Racing M-7003-CJ
Painted body in white Ford Racing M-607100-CJ
Front wheel, 15x4 Ford Racing M-1007-CJF
Rear wheel, 15x10 Ford Racing M-1007-CJR
Adjustable damper kit Ford Racing M-18000-C
Lightweight radiator support Ford Racing M-5019-CJ
Drag race spring kit Ford Racing M-5300
Spring kit Ford Racing M-5300-Q
Control arm/antiroll kit Ford Racing M-5649-CJ
Cobra Jet seat covers Ford Racing M-6360004-CJ
Hoodpin kit Ford Racing M-16700-B
Snake fuel cap Ford Racing M-2301-S
Cobra Jet hoodscoop Ford Racing M-1660-CJ
Tach Ford Racing M-17360-CJ
Oil pressure gauge Ford Racing M-9278-BFSE
Vacuum/boost gauge Ford Racing M-11622-BFSE
Water temp Ford Racing M-10883-BFSE

Winternationals, 1968
Ford's debut for the '68 Cobra Jet Mustang was nothing less than ostentatious. The factory supplied eight cars to various name drivers at the time to make a big splash at the first race of the '68 NHRA season. It bears mentioning that within the production car classes, Super Stock was roughly equivalent to Pro Stock racing of today in terms of popularity. So this made Ford's effort that much more important. Dyno Don Nicholson, Gas Rhonda, Hubert Platt, Al Joniec, Jerry Harvey, Carl Holbrook, Bill Ireland, and Phil Bonner were all given cars that were actually merely 390 Mustangs that had been fitted with 428 CJ engines prepared by Holman Moody's West Coast shop run by Bill Stroppe. These cars ran in SS/E and SS/EA. Unlike today, each class ran its own elimination, sending one car on to face the rest of the Super Stock class winners and other cars that qualified based on low e.t. Joniec defeated Hubert Platt for the SS/E win in an all-Mustang class final and then went on to meet Mopar driver Dave Wren in his Max Wedge-powered SS/DA '64 Plymouth in the final. This win set up Ford to come back 40 years later to repeat the feat.


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Dearborn, MI

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