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2008 Cobra Jet Mustang - For Sundays Only

The '08 Cobra Jet Mustang

Photography by Ford Racing, ,

The Cobra Jet powerplant is essentially a detuned GT500 engine giving racers the hardware they need to make the car competitive. It features an iron-block 5.4L with four-valve heads built at Ford's Romeo engine plant. The engine has an SFI crankshaft damper, an A/C delete, all the heat-vent air conditioning (HVAC) outlets removed, and 1 7/8 long-tube headers added. The 5.4 also has a billet throttle body with two 62.5mm blades, a larger 123mm mass air meter with an open-element air filter, a set of 80 lb/hr injectors, and instead of an Eaton three-lobe 122ci blower like the street Cobra, it has an Eaton TVS four-lobe blower that displaces 140 ci. The cylinder heads and intake castings are identical to what you would find on a stock GT500 with Ford Racing valve covers and billet coil-pack covers.

At the Ford Racing assembly facility, the factory seats are disassembled and sewn with the Cobra Jet emblems and block letters. The six-point rollbar is built to NHRA specs to go as fast as 10.0 in the quarter-mile. The five-point harnesses are included.

In the rear, the car also uses base brakes and a custom wheel that measures 15x10 inches with 30x9-inch Goodyear slicks. Under the rear is a 9-inch instead of the standard 8.8 V-8 Mustang axle. You can, however, buy one from Ford Racing and bolt it into any '05-and-later Mustang. The Cobra Jet has a 4.11:1 gear ratio and a full spool. The suspension uses Ford Racing adjustable dampers and Mustang GT front springs with Mustang V-6 rear springs. The car has a factory three-link but adds an adjustable upper and tubular lower control arms. It also has a unique narrowed antiroll bar that was necessary to clear the tires and helps with the launch.

You can order the car with one of two standard or optional graphics packages. This is the optional package that comes with the snake graphics on the side (minus the John Force stencil). Only the optional graphics cars arrive with the blacked-out rear valance. For the record, there were 17 optional graphics packages applied by Ford racing. The rear medallion is also unique to the Cobra Jet. Instead of GT or Shelby, it just has a snake and Ford cast into it.

Ford Racing developed this hoodscoop out of stamped aluminum specifically for this car to look like a Boss 429. This hood is also legal if you want to run a carburetor in SS/GT or another class that allows cold air. The front end has a grille from the Bullet Mustang matched with the California Special front fascia. The mirrors are deleted for weight savings and aerodynamics. The plates are available from Ford Racing.

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