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2007 Ford Shelby Mustang GT500 - It's On Corn

Dan Schoneck's supercharged, 1,000HP, SMOTY-winning, E85-devouring Shelby GT500

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Dan figured the stock Shelby Tremec six-speed would hold up with some careful tricks played by 6 Speeds but that the stock 8.8 would not be nearly as reliable. He went the classic Ford route with a complete RaceCraft 9-inch fitted with a 3.50:1 cog. This made it durable, so the next step could be bigger tires and wheels. Again, this all fit well into the Street Machine of the Year competition because handling and braking were the other two contests after the chassis dyno test. As this is a Shelby, Dan didn't have to go anywhere for excellent calipers and rotors, since 14-inch Brembos come stock on these cars along with slightly smaller discs in the rear. Steamroller rubber makes putting all that power to the ground much easier, so Dan went with a set of massive 20-inch Weld wheels in the rear mounted with a pair of Nitto Drag Radials.

All this barely contained kinetic energy didn't hamper Dan's ability to negotiate the autocross. After a few laps on Sunday as practice, he laid down sufficient laps to place Fifth overall, but because the late-model class was so competitive, winning the braking contest with an ABS-assisted 117-foot stopping distance combined with his Second Place dyno run with 817 hp was enough to squeak out a win over John King's Mustang, who also happens to be one of Dan's customers.

This is not the last challenge Dan wants to push the Shelby through. He has rather lofty expectations for this machine. We spoke to him days before we went to print and there's a new motor in the car now-an aluminum Ford GT 5.4 block with Fox Lake-ported heads, John Mihovetz-spec'd cams, and a similar rotator package. With the additional power, Dan wants this Shelby to be the first to run 9.80s on 20-inch radials and then take it to the Texas Mile event to be the first GT500 to run 210 mph in the standing-mile competition. He figures it'll take 1,000 rwhp to make it happen. And he's gonna do it all on corn.

Dan had just acquired a Ford GT chassis and is going to build carbon-fiber replacement body panels for the Ford Supercar.

Tech Notes
Who: Dan Schoneck
What: '07 Ford Shelby GT500
Where: Minnesota Lake, Minnesota-just south of Mankato, home of Mankato State University, which used to be known as a real party school.

Dan used an iron 5.4L Ford Mod to house a stock crank, Manley billet steel rods, Diamond 8.7:1 compression pistons, and an Innovators West 7.8-inch balancer (to overdrive the blower). What's amazing is the 32-valve DOHC Ford heads are OE-fresh with 1.45/1.26-inch intake and exhaust valves using only a set of Ford GT camshafts to help the induction process.

The primary focus of this whole power play is placed squarely on the ProCharger F-1R supercharger that's capable of 28 psi of boost. That seems like tons of intake pressure, but Dan's learned that using E85's excellent latent heat of vaporization advantages combined with a Beck Mechanical hat that fits over the factory intercooler keeps the boost at a manageable temperature to fend off the detonation monster. All that boost is of little help if the exhaust system isn't just as efficient, so Dan employs Stainless Works 17/8-inch headers to lead directly into a Stainless Works 3-inch exhaust system.

With all that power, you have to pay attention to the clutch. Dan chose a McLeod twin-disc system that feeds into the original Shelby Tremec six-speed that has been carefully Mikronited and cryogenically chilled by 6 Speeds. The Mustang also uses a Drive Shaft Shop 31/2-inch aluminum driveshaft.

Dan pitched the original 8.8 in favor of a narrowed RaceCraft 9-inch housing that is stuffed with massive 35-spline Mark Williams axles that slip into a Lenco billet locker differential spinning a set of 3.50:1 Strange gears.

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