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Steve Keefer's 1970 Ford Mustang - The Business Card

Steve Keefer's '70 Mustang Reels In The Customers.

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Tech Notes
Who: Steve Keefer
What: '70 Ford Mustang

Brentwood, California, not to be confused with the Brentwood of O.J. Simpson fame. O.J.'s B-wood is not a city. It is a district of the city of Los Angeles.

Steve started with a good foundation: a Mexican block with its higher nickel content and bigger main caps. The block was bored 0.020 over before having a polished crank and Boss rods dropped in. He chose 11.0:1 Venolia pistons and Childs & Albert bearings and gapless rings to handle the strain of compression. The iron heads are vintage '69 351W castings that have been ported to the limit, O-ringed, and reassembled with Manley 1.94/1.60 valves, Crane valvesprings, and Crane roller rocker arms mounted on 1/2-inch studs. Finally, a monster Ultradyne solid roller cam was slid into place. It specs out at 260/268 degrees duration at 0.050-inch tappet lift, with 0.608/0.630 inch of valve lift. A Cloyes True Roller timing chain keeps cam and crank in sync. Steve reckons this combo should be good for about 500 hp without nitrous.

From top to bottom, feast your eyes on a Roush air cleaner cover, a Barry Grant Mighty Demon 750-cfm carburetor, and an Edelbrock Victor Jr. intake. A Nitrous Oxide Systems 150-shot Sportsman Fogger system is ready to go in case 500 hp isn't enough. A Holley fuel pump feeds a blend of ERC race gas and regular 91-octane, necessary to curb detonation.

Steve saved himself some man-hours of fabrication time by installing 1 5/8-inch primary-tube JBA shorty headers. He made up for that, though, by making the rest of the exhaust system by hand, welding up a combination of 3-inch mandrel bends and straight tubing. The mufflers are from Spin Tech and make a delicious racket.

Steve keeps it old-school cool with a Top Loader as his gearbox of choice. He grabbed it out of a '67 big-block car and spins close-ratio gears. A Lakewood scattershield contains the Centerforce clutch and flywheel. Steve pieced together the modern hydraulic-clutch system using Wilwood master and slave cylinders.

To run those big reverse-offset wheels, Steve had the Mustang's 9-inch narrowed 4 inches. It was rebuilt with Moser 31-spline axles and Richmond 3.89:1 gears on a Traction Lock differential.

Where do we start? Up front, you find Total Control double-adjustable upper control arms, Tru-Center lower arms, and VariShock double-adjustable coilover shocks. Also, Steve converted to rack-and-pinion steering with a Steeroids rack and an ididit column. The sway bar comes from Maier Racing. The front spindles are stock, however. Out back, you'll find Total Control's g-Bar-canted four-bar kit replacing the ancient horse-and-buggy leaf springs. VariShock single-adjustable coilovers got the nod here. Steve trusts Wilwood for his stopping duties. A Wilwood triple master cylinder and pedal assembly is mounted underhood. Wilwood calipers put the squeeze on Wilwood rotors, sized 13 and 12 inches, front to rear.

Those are Budnik Cannon wheels measuring 18x9 inches, front, and 19x10 inches, rear. The tires are 255/40-18 and 295/35-19 BFGoodrich KDWs.

Everyone around the office was asking about the color. It's Toyota Red Salsa Pearl. You'll never look at a Prius the same now. The red is offset by a Lexus silver. The trim is finished with gray powdercoating topped with a satin clear.

Steve wants to thank his friends Neil Olson and Rick Sattler for their help and his wife, Laura, for her support.

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