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1967 Chevy Chevelle - Lunatic Fringe

Tom Johnson's maniacal, 632ci, 1,200hp '67 Chevelle - we call this the Crazy Chevelle.

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Transmission: The Powerglide uses virtually no original parts, relying on a custom blend of a billet input shaft, 10-disc clutch pack, and other pieces assembled by Ron Flood of Cedar Machine that Tom says is good to 2,500 hp. The Hughes 9-inch converter makes the fluid connection bolted to a Reactor billet flexplate and stalls at a conservative 4,000 rpm using a B&M trans cooler and a 4-inch-diameter Inland Empire driveshaft.

Rearend: The narrowed 9-inch mounts Richmond 4.11:1 Pro Series gears mounted in an aluminum Strange centersection spinning gun-drilled 40-spline Strange axles.

Chassis: If you're serious about going fast, you need a chassis that will back it up. Tom didn't scrimp here either, using Greek's Pro Shop in nearby Spring Lake, Minnesota, to construct the all chromoly round-tube chassis complete with Art Morrison front control arms connected to Morrison spindles and rack-and-pinion steering system. In the rear, you'll find a custom four-link rear suspension with Afco billet coilover shocks to help put the power down.

Wheels/Tires: Minimizing the rotating weight means a set of Weld 15x4-inch Draglite wheels and M/T skinnies up front with 15x14-inch Draglites in the rear mounted with a pair of Mickey Thompson 32x18-15 slicks.

Safety: In the trunk is a complete 15-gallon Jaz fuel cell not far from the Stroud parachute. The interior is sprinkled with a Stroud window net and five-point harness assembly.

Body and paint: Tom had to point out much of the work performed by Central Avenue Auto Body in Minneapolis right down to the 2-inch trim at the front A-pillar and the 1-inch mill job performed at the rear to rake the roof. The drill rails were also shaved, and Tom installed the Percy's Speed Glass flush with the front and rear window levels. Tom retained the stock vent wings to allow in fresh air since the side Speed Glass windows are fixed in place, but he did remove all the emblems, adding flush-mounted Buick Regal door handles. Kenny Zupata spent days custom-mixing the base silver that has pearl, while the blue began life as a Mitsubishi color before they hit it with several pearl concoctions. There's even a little purple added in that was originally a Honda motorcycle color before it too became infused with pearl accents.

Interior: The dash is completely custom sporting an array of Auto Meter gauges too numerous to list. Clint Foner of Big Lake, Minnesota, performed the enormous task of wiring this beast, working around the Kirkey aluminum seats, the 14-point 'cage, the Colorado Custom steering wheel, the Biondo shifter, and the pair of Wilson nitrous bottles behind the passenger seat.

Performance: Engine dyno'd at 1,200 hp with another 700 hp available with nitrous. Tom is shooting for any number in the quarter-mile that starts with a 7.

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