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NMCA LSX Shootout - The Fastest LS-Powered Cars In The World

We Crash The NMCA LSX Shootout

Photography by , Rob Kinnan

LSX Drag Radial Shootout
One of the brutal cars in the Drag Radial class was Mike Brown's '98 Pontiac Trans Am. Even though the car is new for the season, Mike is no newbie to turbo racing. His first ride was a twin-turbocharged '99 convertible Trans Am that started out running 12s, then 10s, and so on until he was running 9s with a stock bottom end. He retired that car for a faster '02 Trans Am collector's edition (in bright yellow!) and put out a string of 8-second runs using the now-famous backward truck manifold trick. At the Memphis show, Mike ran the car in True Street Challenge and managed to drive the 30 miles with no issues, win the King of True Street crown, then run his first 7-second pass. It was a pretty good weekend for the dudes in Brown's pit.

Tech NotesWho: Mike Brown
What: His '98 Pontiac Trans Am is the third turbo Gen III-powered car he has owned.

Speed: The car ran a fastest 7.91 at 177 mph with a 1.26 60-foot in Orlando at the World Street Nationals.

Block: The block is an ERL Performance-prepped LS1 with a 4.080-inch bore assembled by Wheel to Wheel Powertrain.

Rotator: It has a 4-inch stock LS7 crank with Howard's steel rods and Wiseco pistons that makes about 8.5:1 compression.

Sump: He is using the factory LS7 oiling system and dry sump, with a reservoir from Peterson. "It's a cheap dry-sump setup," says Mike.

Cam: This is actually a fairly small Comp Cams hydraulic roller with around 242 duration with 600 lift. It's really a split-duration grind, but racers never give up the cam specs.

Turbo: It's a 101mm hybrid from Precision Turbo that makes 26 psi of boost on this combo.

Induction: The manifold is an Edelbrock Victor single-plane EFI manifold with a FAST throttle body and a turn from Brown and his buds built all the parts using pre-bent stuff from Burns Stainless, chopping it and taping it together, then carting all the parts to Quick Rev Performance to get the aluminum parts welded.

Fuel: The pump is a MagnaFuel 600 EFI pump, and the regulator is from Aeromotive. The mill uses 150-pound injectors powered by a BigStuff3 system.

Spark: It's using stock truck coils with a stock 24x crank trigger wheel. Mike says that the later crank trigger with more teeth is more for emissions control and the resolution gets a little blurry on a race car.

Transmission: It has a 4L80E from Rossler Transmissions out of Girard, Ohio. It's a street car after all. There's also a Rossler transbrake and converter. As for the stall speed, it's hard to pinpoint that with a transbrake and a turbo-you can spin it as hard as you want.

Rearend: The rearend is a Moser 9-inch with 350:1 gears and a spool.

Suspension: The front suspension is from BMR, a tubular K-member and A-arms that are all bolt-in stuff. The rear has BMR tubular lower control arms and an Xtreme torque arm, Panhard, and sway bar.

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