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NMCA LSX Shootout - The Fastest LS-Powered Cars In The World

We Crash The NMCA LSX Shootout

Photography by , Rob Kinnan

Think your '98 Camaro is fast? We guarantee that these guys are faster. They all showed up at the world's first LSX shootout just to prove it. Were you there? Elvis was.

The whole scheme was hatched by the guys at the National Muscle Car Association (NMCA) as a way to welcome engine swappers and brutal Gen III-powered Camaro and Firebird builders to the world of heads-up drag racing. The really fast guys can run in either the LSX Drag Radial class where nitrous, turbos, and superchargers are permitted or the All-Motor class where you can run up to 470 inches before you earn weight-break penalties. There is also a True Street Challenge for racers who alreadycompete in the NMCA True Street class that doubles the winnings in any category with Gen III (LS) power or for any other class racer who thinks he can drive his car on the street. For the weekend guy, there's even a judged car show. The first-ever show was held in conjunction with the NMCA Finals in Memphis, Tennessee.

The greatest reward aside from the cash is the complete LS7 engines, blocks, trophies, and jackets that are given away to the winners by GM Performance Parts. So if you have a Gen III LS-powered anything and you'd like to plant tire with the fastest guys in the world, check out for rules and info on next year's event. Maybe you'll see us there

LSX All-Motor Shootout
It's no surprise that the all-motor king owns his own machinist's school. Judson Massingill's '99 Camaro SS is powered by a 427-inch Gen III with a C5-R block and runs low 9s at 152 mph on the motor. As part of the curriculum at the School of Automotive Machinists, Judson and his students like to put together race cars. For a while they were competing in the NMCA EFI class and the occasional LS1 shootout, but they stowed the car after getting into Mustangs. When the LSX shootout came along, they yanked the LS6 engine and built a 925hp replacement. The car qualified at 9.04 at 151 mph and made Jud and the gang the fastest qualifier by a full 0.10.

Tech Notes
Who: Judson Massingill
What: '99 Camaro SS

Speed: We saw it run 9.04 at 151 with a nice wheelie.

Block: The bare C5-R block from Scoggin-Dickey with a 4.125 bore

Rotator: The Bryant crank swings 4 inches with 2-inch rod journals and aluminum 6.125-inch GRP connecting rods.

Cam: It has older solid-roller Pro Stock lobes on a Comp Cams grind with 285/302 at 0.050 with 0.497/0.460 lobe lift, a 114-degree LDA, and crazy 1.95-inch rocker arms.

Induction: The sheetmetal is from Beck Engineering, and the throttle body is from FAST. The fuel system is run by a BigStuff3 system.

Spark: The thinking was, why not use a beltdrive distributor and only one coil? Pro Stock cars make 1,500 hp with the same setup, and the Camaro is only making 925

Transmission: Jud pops the clutch at 6,500 rpm, then pulls the levers on a Jerico four-speed. "I despise automatics," he says. "It's a lot more fun with a clutch and the Hurst shifter and all that stuff."

Rearend: 9-inch Moser pumpkin 514 ring- and-pinion.

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