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Check Your Fuel
In the Dec. '07 issue on page 51 ("How to Design a Fuel System") you have a formula for gallons/hour that seems wrong (I went back and forth between it and several other calculations, since I had not seen the formula before this article). I think the formula given does not need the factor of 2 at the beginning; just HP times BSFC divided by 6 equals GPH. Otherwise, thanks for a good article. I'm building a '66 Chevelle with a 454 bored and stroked to 489, topped by an 8-71 blower and twin 750s. Maybe 900 to 1,000 hp!
-Gersh Lundberg, Paducah, KY

What we didn't explain very well is that the multiple of 2 in the equation (2 (flywheel hp x 0.5 BSFC/6 = GPH) adds enough pump to compensate for friction in the lines, g-forces, low system voltage, and whatever else might conspire to starve the system for fuel. The industry uses it as a safety measure.

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Speed-Limit Alarm?
Who: Donald Joseph
What: '72 Buick Gran Sport
Where: Long Island, NY
Why: It's unmodified! Yup, it's an original 350 car with Ram Air in burnished copper with a saddle-black interior. The cool options include the vinyl top, bumper exhaust, A/C, tilt, and speed-limit alarm.

Who: Paul M. Pitcher
What: '66 Dodge Dart 270 wagon
Where: Parkesburg, PA
Why: It's a wagon that has a 360-inch Magnum crate engine installed with an A500 automatic and a 3.55:1 gear in the 831/44-inch rearend. It's kind of a cool street machine that gets driven everywhere by Paul.
He Says: "I haven't found the top speed. Maybe I need to move to Texas or Bonneville."

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