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Custom Hot Rods - 'Readers' Pages

'Readers' Pages

JY Crawl
Who: Dave Kozlik
What: '74 Ford Maverick
Where: Wetumpka, AL
Why: This is a mostly original car with a six-cylinder mill. When the engine dies it will be swapped with a 351, but it just won't let go. It's been driven to Michigan from Alabama three times with no problems. Let's see your Prius do that 33 years from now.
We Say: Can you get a 514 in there?

Fun Police
My daughter Brianna and I have just finished up a successful brake conversion using a SSBC kit. We went from manual drum brakes to power disc up front on her '70 Barracuda. I brought a picture of Brianna to work showing her bolting up the power-booster brackets. One of the doctors I work with, who is a die-hard Porsche guy and owns a Prius, took a look at the picture. His comment? "David, you're the whole reason they created the homeowners association." Hey, what's that supposed to mean? -Dave Zink, Orange, California

Big Coupe
Who: Peter G. Opalenik
What: '69 Chevy Impala
Where: Smithton, PA
Why: Big-block Impalas are cool in any year. This one has a 427 with a TH400 trans and only 16,000 miles on it.

Fur Dur
Who: Anthony Caruso
What: '67 Chevy Chevelle
Where: Southampton, NY
Why: This car started out as a six-cylinder farm car and turned into a V-8-powered cruiser. The running gear is the standard 383 with a 700-R4 swap and a Moser 12-bolt rear. How often do you see a four-door Chevelle at the track? Anthony and his family plan to run it with a NOS wet system down the quarter-mile.

Regarding the CC Quickie on page 113 of the Dec. '07 issue, you asked when was the last I saw an M/T cross-ram aluminum manifold? Well, I see one all the time-under the hood of my Monte Carlo. Believe it or not, it has crisp throttle response and gobs of torque. It really has people's heads scratchin' at shows and cruise nights. -Cory Hanscom, Upper Midwest

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