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Custom Hot Rods - 'Readers' Pages

'Readers' Pages

Not So Cheap Street
Who: John B. Smith
What: '68 Chevy Chevelle
Where: Boalsburg, PA
Why: We think this guy bought at least one part from every advertiser in the magazine. The result is this dope Chevelle with eye-popping orange paint and a World Products 540hp 509-inch Rat. It also has a Keisler five-speed swap with a McLeod Street Twin clutch, a 12-bolt Moser rearend, and every other cool part in between.
We Say: We're kind of jealous.

The Last $1,000 Chevelle
Who: Kirt Star
What: '70 Chevy Chevelle
Where: New Berlin, WI
Why: Kirt bought this car in 1986 for only $1,000. A couple of years later he got his hands on a rust-free shell and got to work. The frame-off resto was completed in 1996 and included a 402-inch big-block and a stupid flat-tappet mechanical cam with 256/266 degrees of advertised duration and 0.580/0.605-inch lift. With a 100-shot of nitrous, it runs 11.61 at 116 mph.

Who: Kenneth Tyler
What: '78 Pontiac Trans Am
Where: Lapeer, MI
Why: Ken says he's had this car for the last 18 years. It has a 400-inch engine with the addition of a 750-cfm Holley vacuum secondary carburetor. It also has a limited slip and a 3.42:1 gear.
He Says: "No shots about my '80s sunvisor."
We Say: OK. Are those fuzzy dice?

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