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1989 Chevy Camaro - Transplanted

Josh Kunkel breathed new life into his third-gen with a V-8 swap.

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Tech notes
Who: Josh Kunkel
What: '89 Chevrolet Camaro
Where: St. Cloud, Minnesota

Engine: It's an '02 LS1 from a totaled 35th Anniversary Camaro. After the swap, Josh ran the engine bone stock for a year. He's upgraded since then.

Valvetrain: Josh slid in a TPIS ZL-11 cam and added 1.7:1 LS6 rocker arms. The cam specs out at 215/220-degree duration and 0.559/0.557-inch lift on a 112-degree lobe separation angle, and was worth a substantial gain in power over stock.

Cylinder Heads: Stock for now, but Josh is planning some porting as this winter's project.

Induction: Josh tossed the stock intake for a higher-capacity LS6 intake. Internet rumors say that this manifold adds 15 hp to the wheels.

Transmission: It's an '02 4L60E with stock internals. Josh recently added a Yank SS 3,600 torque converter for neck-snapping launches.

Rearend: The stock 10-bolt is still out back. It's got 3.23:1 gears and a limited slip.

Suspension: Josh freshened up his suspension with new bushings and ball joints and strengthened up the rear with Lakewood trailing arms. Competition Engineering subframe connectors tie the front and rear together.

Brakes: Here's where things really get interesting. Josh and his dad, Roger, made a pair of Brembo calipers off a Caddy CTS-V fit on the front spindles. They cut off the old brackets, and Roger made new ones to fit the giant, four-piston calipers. They clamp down hard on C5 Corvette rotors. They made their own rear brakes too, replacing the stock drums with custom-mounted PBR calipers and 12-inch rotors.

Wheels and Tires: Josh rolls on Nitto 555 summer tires, size 235/40R18 and 275/40R18 front to rear. They're mounted on 18x8 and 18x10 Center Line Dagger wheels.

Paint and Body: The car was in surprisingly good shape when he bought it, so it didn't need any work. Augusta Autobody in St. Augusta added the rally stripes, Josh's first mod to the car.

Interior: Mostly stock, but that's a good thing as these cars are not a bad place to spend time while racking up the miles. Josh replaced the stock cluster with a Covan's Classics instrument panel and stuffed it with Auto Meter Ultralite gauges. His tunes come courtesy of an Alpine amp, Kicker sub, and Kenwood speakers.

Performance: He clicked off a 13.38 e.t. at 106 mph, but that was before the Yank converter was installed. He's hoping to whittle away at that time with some cylinder-head work soon.

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