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We're big fans of work in progress.>>>

Garage Scene
Monte Dinnell
Where: Fox Lake, IL
What: '71 Chevy Camaro Z28
Why: The list of parts on this car is long and expensive, so we will cut to the main points. It has a Heidt's frontend with all those tubular goodies, Hotchkis sway bars, and Stainless Steel brakes. For the engine, Monte is using a 350-inch small-block with Brodix heads. It makes 425 hp and 413 lb-ft of torque.
We Say: Never totally finish any project. It's more fun to keep taking it apart.

Working Too Hard?
Guys, a great freakin'article on ("Low-Buck vs. High-Dollar," CCRP 0709). The comparisons on the dyno were single-handedly the best article I have ever read in any car magazine in the last 15 years. It should be a regular feature!!
-Ben Wahlstrom, Albany, ORRegular feature? We almost killed Jeff Smith and racked up thousands of dollars in dyno time. OK, we'll do it every month.

Trophy-winning paint for $83
Read your article ("It Ain't Paint," CCRP 0708) about low-buck paint jobs. Did mine for $82.50. Bought a paint kit for $49.50 plus a shipping cost of $12.00 on eBay through The kit includes a gallon of acrylic enamel, 25 color choices, 2 quarts of enamel reducer, 1 pint of hardener, a paint suit, a spray sock, three rolls of masking tape, and paint sticks. I bought some Rust-Oleum primer and enamel reducer and wet/dry sandpaper at Lowe's for $15.00. I spent about four hours sanding and putting on the primer and another two painting. For a race car, it looked good enough to win a trophy* at Starbird's Rod & Custom show in Tulsa, Oklahoma. If I had spent more time prepping, it would have looked even better. Still, it did the job.
-Doug Friedman, Broken Arrow, OK

The only things keeping our readers from eating this guy are the Cragars and the 302.>>>

Umm . . . AMC?
He wisely did not give his name.
Where: Yah, he forgot to give us this too.
What: '69 IKA (Kaiser) Renault Torino 380W
Why: According to this guy, Renault used a Rambler American body reworked by Pininfarina to sell in Europe. This one has Yankee Doodle running gear like a Ford 302, a four-speed, and a Dana 44 rear. It's weird enough to show you.
We Say: It's French. Sorry about that.

Joe Faris
Where: Newton, KS
What: Used to be a 540-inch big-block Chevy on nitrous until a bad wire caused a fireball.
Why: This guy totally barbecued his big-block, then thought enough of us to snap a photo and send it in. Thanks, Joe!
We Say: This car was in the Apr. '03 Readers' section.

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