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High Performance Muscle Cars - 'Readers' Pages

Jeep SiX
Todd Sears
Where: Colona, IL
What: '69 AMC Rambler American
Why: This is different. Instead of stuffing a V-8 in there and tearing around the city, Todd swapped in a fuel-injected 4.0L from a '97 Jeep Cherokee with a header, cold-air kit, and JET Performance Products piggyback ECM to control things.
We Say: That 904 TorqueFlite can probably handle the horsepower, no problem.

This Just In: Rack is Tacky!
Hey CC. The On the Rack segment is tacky! No, I'm not gay! I just think that if you want to have girls in a car magazine, have them pose with a car. I know when I was younger my garage had some nice pictures of cars with the occasional tasteful model. I think it would be cool to have a feature car as a centerfold that could be put up on the garage wall or beer fridge.

Ah, just like the good old days. Just don't tell my wife! Anyway, still love the mag otherwise. Well, maybe just a little more Mopar!
-Lou Nagy, Ontario, Canada

What? You think a girl posing on a car is more tasteful than one in a tight speed shirt?

In: Flogging on your old car
Out: Breaking your old car

In: Too many projects
Out: Too little time

In: Drivers
Out: Trailer queens

In: Drag racing
In: Bench racing

In: Musclecars
Out: The price of musclecars. Thanks, Barrett-Jackson.
John Kasecky III, Nanty Glo, PA

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