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1988 Ford Mustang 5.0L Muscle Car - Make 600 HP On Pump Gas

Take A Stock 5.0L Ford Short-Block, Bolt On A Set Of Aluminum Heads, A Roller Cam, And A ProCharger Centrifugal, And You Too Can

Photography by Jeff "Smith,"

Heads And Cam Package

We decided to try the Racing Head Service (RHS) 180cc aluminum small-block Ford heads on our little 302 because we had heard good things from our Ford buddies about them. Right away we were impressed when we bolted one up on the SuperFlow 600 flow bench and watched as the as-cast intake port generated 249 cfm at 0.500 lift and 255 at 0.600 inch of valve lift. With solid midlift intake flow numbers and good exhaust-to-intake flow data, the heads looked promising. Combined with a Comp Cams hydraulic roller with 0.550-plus lift, they promised good power. Even better, the compression jumped from a stock 8.85:1 to 9.5:1 with the RHS 58cc combustion chambers.

We had to swap in stronger valvesprings because the heads we ordered did not come with sufficient spring pressure to handle both the rigors of higher engine speeds and the demands the blower would place on the back side of the intake valve. Using Brul's recommendation of 200 pounds of load on the seat at the installed height of 1.800 inches and 400 pounds across the nose at max lift, we opted for a set of Comp springs that both fit the head perfectly and also produced the load necessary to keep the valvetrain together at the engine speeds we knew were imminent.

Camshaft Duration Duration Lift Lobe
  (Adv.) (@ 0.050) (in.) Separation
Stock Ford cam, int. 266 - - - 0.445 115
Hydraulic roller, exh. 266 - - - 0.445
XE274HR-12, int. 274 224 0.555 112
XE274HR-12, exh. 282 232 0.565
RHS Pro Action 180cc small-block Ford aluminum head
Part number: 35004-02
Intake port volume: 180 cc
Exhaust port volume: 66 cc
Valve sizes: 2.02/1.60
Valve angles: 20 degrees (stock)
Chamber volume: 58 cc
The head comes assembled with screw-in studs and guideplates.

Dyno Numbers Don't Lie

Test 1: Stock 302 long-block with Edelbrock Performer RPM intake, Race Demon 625 cfm carburetor, and 1 31/44-inch open headers.

Test 2: Stock 302 long-block with same configuration as Test 1 except with added Carb Shop 750 cfm Sportsman carburetor and ATI ProCharger P-1SC supercharger.

Test 3: Added RHS 180cc aluminum heads, Comp XE274HR cam, reused Edelbrock Performer RPM intake, Race Demon 625cfm carb, and 131/44-inch headers.

Test 4: Same combination as Test 3 except with added Carb Shop 750 blower carb and ATI ProCharger P-1SC supercharger.

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