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1970 Chevy Chevelle - The Iron Fist

Jesse Nelson Builds A Thumpin' Twin-Turbo, 540ci Chevelle That Rocks!

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Body: This '70 Chevelle could best be described as an H&H special-Harwood and Hydakovich. Harwood supplied the 4-inch fiberglass cowl hood while the rest of the car is stock Chevrolet sheetmetal. Dave Hydakovich is the man responsible for the bodywork, along with Jesse's help, which included Dodge PS2 silver and a pair of SS stripes. The only other addition was a 16-gallon RCI fuel cell in the trunk.

Interior: You don't run 153 mph in the quarter-mile without the track demanding a few additions to the interior. Jesse re-covered the back seat himself, adding a rollcage, a window net, and a set of Crow harnesses atop a pair of Summit Racing sport seats. There's a Pioneer stereo that you can actually hear over the engine (at idle) along with a full complement of Auto Meter gauges, including that all-important boost gauge.

Performance: His best run so far is a tire-spinning 9.19 at 153.2 mph at Brainerd International Raceway on radials through the tailpipes, at over 4,000 pounds race-ready. On the engine dyno at 9 psi, the engine made 984 hp. Jesse says the skidpad numbers are "really bad." We say, "Who cares?"

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