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1964 Oldsmobile F-85 Classic Muscle Car

The spirit of this 442 lives on.

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Induction: Intake manifold selection is somewhat limited for the big-block Olds, so in keeping with the engine's tame camshaft Chuck chose an Edelbrock dual-plane Performer RPM manifold matched with a Holley 850-cfm carb.

Exhaust: Even a tame big-block Olds still needs a performance exhaust system, so Chuck went with a pair of Hooker coated 134-inch headers plumbed to a complete Pypes stainless steel X-pipe system including a pair of 212-inch Pypes Street Pro stainless steel mufflers.

Transmission: Chuck's Olds goal is an overall performance car that will blast down the freeway without having to tax the big-inch motor with rpm. The logical choice was a 200-4R automatic overdrive, which had to be rebuilt by Leo Glasbrenner, owner of Remac Transmission in San Dimas, California. Glasbrenner added better clutches, a wider band, and a billet servo and then combined the new trans with a 2,400-rpm 11-inch converter from The Conver-ter Shop.

Rearend: The original V-6 Olds came with a weak corporate 10-bolt, so Chuck opted instead for a narrowed 3.55-geared 9-inch housing with a limited slip and 31-spline Moser axles built and modified by Sutton Engineering.

Suspension: The GM A-bodies have come a long way toward improving suspension movement. Chuck has taken advantage of that technology with a set of Global West tubular upper control arms and front springs. In the rear, Just Suspension supplied the boxed lower control arms and stock-rate rear springs. KYB shocks occupy all four corners, but Chuck is considering a set of adjustable QA1 shocks to improve the '64's overall ride and handling.

Brakes: Sutton Engineering also supplied the four-corner braking system, using 1-inch-taller front spindles and single floating piston calipers with drilled rotors. The 11-inch system is tied into a power brake-modulated system.

Wheels/Tires: It's hard to go wrong with a classic set of American Torq-Thrust originals with 15x6-inches up front and 15x7s in the rear. It all rolls on a set of BFGoodrich Radial T/As with 205/65R15s in front and 235/60R15s in the rear. Chuck also knows that in order to go around corners with any speed, it's gonna take a set of 16- or 17-inch tires and wheels to get the job done.

Body: It's been over a year now since the car's been done, and Chuck's fingerprints are finally coming back--they disappeared during the sand-until-you-hit-bare-metal phase of the bodywork. Covina Collision helped Chuck with the conversion and also painted the body with a two-stage PPG Ford red. The 4-4-2 badges are there strictly for image enhancement.

Interior: Just Dashes gets major credit for reproducing the otherwise nonexistent '64 sedan door panels as well as building a new dashpad. Chuck added the Custom AutoSound USA-1 head unit and the in-dash VDO gauges, while Ed Walsh rebuilt the instrument panel. That's a factory tach down on the console, and if you look closely you can see the electric window switches instead of a hand crank. Citrus Auto Upholstery did the seats and the headliner.

Performance: The Olds has run a current best of 8.28/84 mph in the eighth (12.80s at 102 mph in the quarter) at a fighting weight of 3,870 pounds. END

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