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1984 Chevrolet Camaro Muscle

Super-Cheap Letter

The Olds F85/455 in your Dec. '06 issue ("The $3,500 Challenge") is similar to a car I put together in 1972. I owned a '66 with a friend that had a bad 330 in it but was complete and in good condition except that it was missing the center console. I saw an ad in the local paper from someone who was parting out a '65 4-4-2. I called and asked if he had a console. He did, so I went to his house to buy it and was surprised to see that the car was in pretty good shape. I offered him $75 for the whole car, and he accepted. I now owned a '64, a '65, and a '66 4-4-2.

The 400 engine from the '65 went into the '64. I painted the car, bought some chrome wheels, headers, and cheater slicks, and went to the strip. The best run was a 14 at 99.97 mph. Never made it into the 13s or over 100 mph. I had a total of $600 in the car. Sure wish I'd kept it. -Joe Thomas, Newark, CA

The Other Chevelle

Who: John Pauga
What: '73 Chevrolet Chevelle
Where: Panama City, FL
Why: John says there is a huge Laguna/Chevelle following located in the southeast portion of America. He also explained that his Chevelle has a 396, some body and paint work, and a 12-disc CD player. It's a 2.73 peg-leg cruiser for getting down the coast.

Chrome! Chrome everywhere! Cool air filter element.

'Our copy editor quit because she thinks we are environmentally irresponsible.


"Here is a pic of my '66 Mustang doing a Third-gear burnout. It has a 331-inch small-block making 481 hp and 405 lb-ft on pump gas. It has a C4 transmission with an 8-inch with a 4:11 gear. The car goes 6.55 at 105.5 mph (11/48-mile) on a 150-shot of spray and 7.15 at 96 mph on the motor." -Zray

"It's a '95 Impala SS, 3.73s, Auburn posi, cold-air intake, after-cat exhaust, blah, blah, blah." -Bryan Dahlmeier, St. Louis Park, MN

"My friends and I attend an annual barbecue where we've started a new tradition of doing burnouts as we leave." -John Bielicki, Fenton, MO

Seen On Carcraft.Com

I have no such dignity-I ran 15.47 on skinny 14s with all my luggage and tools in the car having never drag raced before. Crappy time, but I'm proud of it.Posted by JollyRajR

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