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1984 Chevrolet Camaro Muscle


Who: James Benge
What: '84 Chevrolet Camaro
Where: Avon, OH
Why: James bought this car in 1993 as a college daily driver. It has since received a rearend swap, two paint jobs, and a bunch of cam swaps and engine modifications. The result is a streetable car that runs 11.18 at 121 mph with a basic 11.0:1 308 stroker with ported Dart Pro 1 heads and a Comp Cams solid roller with 254/260 at 0.050 duration and 0.622/0.627 lift.

Mopar Dream Car

Who: Gordon Geesey
What: '70 Dodge Challenger R/T
Where: Frederick, MD
Why: This sedate-looking R/T has a built 340 with a Comp Cams stick, Edelbrock Victor intake, Holley 750 carb, Hooker Super Comp headers, and Mopar electronic ignition. It retains the Pistol Grip four-speed and 3.91-geared 831/44 rear. Those sleeper-vibe steel wheels hide four-wheel disc brakes.

Barn Find

Who: Chris Cargile
What: '66 Ford Mustang 2+2
Where: Sopping Wet, ORWhy: Evidently, there is an entire yard full of brutalized classics in a junkyard in Clatskanie, Oregon. Chris and his father took the 50-cent tour and stopped briefly to mourn this Mustang. They also saw a '63 F85, an Olds with 4-4-2 badges, and a Charger.

The Next '69 Camaro?Who: Terry Obermesik
What: '81 Chevrolet Z28 Camaro
Where: Marysville, MI
Why: Terry bought this Z28 as a primered shell and took two years to completely restore it to its former glory in his garage.We Say: We'd like an yellow '79 Z28, please.

Olds Guys

Who: Scott Renzenbrink
What: '64 Oldsmobile F85
Where: Massillon, OH
Why: Scott has nearly the same combination that Jeff Smith has with a couple of new tricks. The basic combo is a '72 455 with a mild cam, an Edelbrock manifold, and a 750 carb. He also added a rear sway bar and a 1.25-inch front sway bar from a '77 Trans Am to help the car handle and a disc-brake conversion that moves the front wheels inboard 1-inch so his new Torq-Thrust wheels (not pictured) will turn lock-to-lock without rubbing.

Look Stock, Go Fast

Who: Alex Damron
What: '70 Oldsmobile Cutlass
Where: Everett, WA
Why: Because this thing looks really mellow and runs 11.83 at 111 mph. Alex has some serious cash in the 455. The best stuff is the steel crank, heavily modified oiling system with a Milodon 7-quart pan, a solid Ultradyne cam with 251/262 duration at 0.050, and ported and polished Oldsmobile C heads.

This Month's Amc

Who: Shawn Meyer
What: '74 AMC Javelin
Where: Kenosha, WI (not really)
Why: Shawn has had this car for 22 years, and it had been through more engines than he wants to remember until he finally settled on this 6-71 huffed 360.His Wife Says: Kids, you should be proud of your father, he finally found an engine that he cannot see around.

C-Body Letter

I didn't know Chrysler made any vehicles that looked like fragged Buick crankshafts (Behind the Scenes, Nov. '06). Now, if they could just get Dr. Z to look like Carmen Palumbo from the last On the Rack. . . .-Tom McAvoy

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