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1972 Chevy El Camino - Mandrel Bent

Jason Abey's Homebuilt '72 El Camino

Photography by Wes AlIison

Jason had a mid-30s crisis in 2005 and decided to put some serious money into the car. "Before I get married or something," he says. What followed was a flurry of tubular control arms and expensive custom tidbits.

"Working at the shop, I was able to find parts from other cars to use on the El Camino," he says. The mirrors are from a Buick and the adjustment switch was from a Toyota Camry. The rearview mirror is from a '96-'98 Chevy Tahoe that Jason bought from a dealer after he saw it on a car.

"I didn't want to cut corners with stamped-steel control arms," Jason says. "I wanted all tubular stuff and nothing but the best."

After a year of building, Jason is also poised to buy the Midas that he's worked at for the last nine years. He plans to use the first payday to add a supercharger and maybe meet some girls.

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