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1966 Chevrolet Chevelle - Fast Company

Tom Monehan's 10-Second Big-Block Chevelle.

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Wheels/Tires: Tom really liked the look of the American Racing Hopster wheels with 16x9-inchers at the rear and 16x5s in front mounting a pair of Mickey Thompson DOT-legal stickies measuring 255/60R16 at the rear with smaller 205/50R16 street tires up front.

Body: After welding in a new trunk floor and repairing the small rust holes in the quarter-panels, Tom bought a new trunk lid from Goodmark, a fiberglass hood from Glasstech, and then painted the entire car PPG '02 Ford Sonic Blue using paint from Cooper Color in Arnold, Missouri.

Interior: Like many street enthusiasts, Tom retained much of the stock interior look by re-covering the stock seats in black vinyl with stock door panels but adding an eight-point rollcage to satisfy the dragstrip safety enforcers. The only other additions included "filling in a few holes in the dash" and adding an Auto Meter tach and gauges to keep track of the spin cycle under the hood.

Crew: Few cars are built completely by their owners, and the fun is having friends like Troy LaCrone, Mark Winistoerfer, Rich Cordry, Dan Kemper, John Hamer, Tom Oermann, and Chris Nowack to help along with Tom's family, including wife, Sheri, and kids Alex, Jeremy, and Jena.

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