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1964 Chevrolet Chevelle - Round-Track Rebellion

Tracy Hicks Took A Decidedly NASCAR Stance With His '64 Chevelle.

Photography by Geoff Stunkard

Tech Notes
What: A '64 Chevrolet Chevelle that woulda/shoulda raced in NASCAR back in the day

Who: Tracy Hicks

Home Town: Jonesborough, Tennessee

Body Mods: This all-steel beast was treated to a trick one-off cowl hoodscoop that Tracy cut, hammered, and formed out of sheet stock and then welded together. It also has lots of N.O.S. trim pieces, including a set of rare back-up light block-offs. Other than that hood, the rest of it is all circa 1964.

Engine: Why go easy? Figuring bigger is always better, Tracy used a 540-inch Merlin III block filled out with an Eagle stroker crank and Eagle rods. JE 9.4:1 pistons fill the chambers up with premium pump gas. A low-profile Stef's oil pan rounds it all out.

Exhaust: Rather than waking up the neighbors, the standard NASCAR setup was replaced by Hooker headers and a Flowmaster exhaust system. It's a deep rumbler.

Goodies: This one is all throttle and maintains its "legal" vintage flair through the use of some cool decals and peripheral parts that help hide the fact that it's packing big inches.

Heads: They are a set of LS6 lightweights filled with Crane valve gear, as well as a secret Bullet Racing Cams stick that would make a bootlegger proud. An ominously large Brodix intake spans the gap over the lifter galley.

Ignition: Sparks fly courtesy of an MSD 6AL tucked up under the passenger-side fender.

Paint: The Goldenwood Yellow PPG was sprayed by Richard Fine after Tracy did the body prep. Keith Kyker excellently matched the work when he painted the hood after the metalwork was finished.

Rearend: It's the ol' standby Chevy 12-inch with a 3.55 Richmond gear outfit for street romping and a set of Strange axles for safety.

Suspension: Keeping it on the straight and narrow are Lakewood shocks painted black, Stainless Steel Brakes discs, and boxed control arms. Tracy, who used to build IHRA-legal Pro Mod cars, will do some tweaking once time allows the car to do more than go for Saturday night ice cream.

Transmission: A connection at the Morgan McLure NASCAR operation made possible a NASCAR-ready Jerico four-speed to do the gear work. A Centerforce clutch and Hayes flywheel round it out.

Wheels/Tires: In keeping with the all-business NASCAR theme, the car sports black Wheel Vintiques 15x6-inch versions with 215/70R15 BFGoodrich rubber up front and 15x8 with 5-inch backspacing and BFGoodrich 255/70R15 out back.

Shout Out: Vickie Hicks, Marcus Scott, Bob Treadway, and Richard Fine.

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