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1970 Ford Torino GT Convertible

Big Ford

Who: James Campos
What: '70 Ford Torino GT convertible
Where: Santa Rosa, NM
Why: James made himself a promise that he would buy a convertible musclecar before he turned 40. The Torino has a 351 Cleveland with some compulsory bolt-on goodies.

Big Steel

Who: Chris Barnes
What: '64 Plymouth Savoy station wagon
Where: Vashon Island, WA
Why: Aren't you curious how to get a huge wagon to lift the front wheel? The answer is a 426 RB that makes great torque combined with a reverse-manual-shifted 727 TorqueFlite and a 5,200-stall converter. The wagon campaigns in the NHRA Stock Eliminator B or C/SA classes and has seen 10.70 at 125 mph. It weighs 3,700-3,900 pounds, depending on what Chris has been eating, and it has a nice, stock bench seat.
We Say: This guy also runs the Wagons of Steel Web site because he really likes wagons.

Modular Edit

Who: Ryan Mannella and his dad, Dominic
What: '01 Ford Mustang GT
Where: Bridgeville, PA
Why: Ryan and his dad managed to graft a '70s Boss scoop and a late Cobra nose to the Mustang. It is lowered 2 inches and has a rollbar, nitrous, a B&M shifter, and a lot of goodies under the hood to push it to around 400 hp.
We Say: Is it time for Car Craft to meddle in late Mustangs?

Red Line Treads

Who: Terry Dahlin
What: '66 Ford Fairlane 500 XL
Where: Coon Rapids, MN
Why: This is a ground-up resto of a rust-free Texas coupe with only 72,000 miles on it. All the trim is N.O.S., including the rocker moldings, wheel-opening moldings, headlight doors, grille, and all the scripts.
He Says: It has factory air, power steering, bucket seats, and a radio delete. The owner must have been into creature comforts, not rock 'n' roll.

Corvette Letter

Dear Car Craft,Remember back in the old days when you could buy a car with a barn-load of ponies under the hood and you couldn't wait to see what it would do? You definitely couldn't wait for a challenge or two. Well, then what's up with the new Corvette guys? The latest Vettes have more power than most of their owners know what to do with, yet you never hear so much as a tire squeak out of any of them. Are they too proud? When it comes down to it, they're still driving Chevys! C'mon, guys, have some fun. Put some pipes on that thing and let's hear it scream!-Sponge Bob, Pittsburgh, PA

Original Pontiac

Who: Brian Randle
What: '67 Pontiac GTO
Where: Dunlap, IL
Why: Brian has owned this car since 1978, and his brother owned it before that. Check the vintage slots and wish you had a 455 four-speed GTO like this one.
He Says: Why? Because it's a GTO, enough said!

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