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1970 Buick GS-Readers' Pages

Window Rattler

Who: Steve Gray
What: '70 Buick GS Stage 1
Where: Stow, OH
Why: Because he is beating on a real GS Stage 1 car, and those aren't that easy to find anymore. The car has a 430ci mill and runs 12.20 using a 3,500-stall and a 4.10 12-bolt.
He Says: I hope to restore it to its original condition someday.

Grandpa Fresh

Who: Joel Tenem
What: '66 Dodge Dart GT
Where: Coon Rapids, MN
Why: It's an all-original Dart with 70,000 miles. Joel painted the wheels and replaced the leaves and Firestones so he could drive it around.
He Says: I have a 440 built and waiting for a wintertime swap.


Who: Ralph Falvo
What: '55 Chevrolet
Where: Easy Street, USA
Why: Insane powdercoated everything with a 502 big-block, tubes for a chassis, and polished paintwork all over the car. We saw some of the photos of the frame-off and figured we could buy a house for the money this guy spent. Just thought you'd like to see it.
He Says: It's called the Cool '55.

El Restoro

Who: Carlos Loureiro
What: '69 Chevrolet El Camino SS
Where: Massachusetts
Why: Looks stock and carries a 0.060-over 396, a Demon 750, and some Flowmasters. We'll call it a resto because of the numbers-matching drivetrain and SS sport wheels. It's even the original Azure Turquoise color.
We Say: Having speed goodies on your resto is the right thing to do.

It's Back!

Who: Chris Cadotto
What: The Dodge truck from the June '06 Action!! Spread
Where: Centerline, MI
Why: Chris melted the truck's interior when the transmission exploded on the starting line at Milan Dragway last year. He rebuilt the truck with a 588-inch blown Hemi, and now it runs 8.71 at 157 mph on alcohol.
He Says: I figured you might want a follow-up photo.

Pro Pinto

Who: Bob Maxwell
What: '71 Ford Pinto
Where: Ontario, Canada
Why: Bob found this regular-guy Pinto then blasted it with a Sandy Elliot Pro Stock paint scheme and a 302 swap using a motor plate. He will be racing with a C4 and 4.88 gears, just like back in the day. Not like back in the day are the Victor Jr. heads, Demon carb, and block-huggin' headers.

Car Craft In and Out

In: Putting pics of burnouts in the mag!
Out: Old buggers saying burnouts are childish (who cares?).
In: My MK2 Ford Capri.
In: As much small-block Ford tech stuff as you like, as that's what I'm building for the Capri. -Tom Bevan, Darkest Glasgow, Wettest Scotland

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