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2009 Chevy Camaro - 'Straight Scoop

Most Recalls for 2006

Business Week has compiled a list of the vehicles with the most recalls for this year. Here's a sampling of some of what went wrong.

Corvette, Hummer H2, Cadillac Escalade, and a few other GM models: 123,592 NHSTA potential affected units. Power-steering hose may not be built to spec. Turning the wheels fully to one direction or the other could cause the hose to crack and leak fluid.

Dodge Charger and Magnum, Jeep Wrangler, Chrysler 300, among other DaimlerChrysler models: 256,406. The cup plug in the auto tranny that holds the Park shaft may not have been installed right and might prevent it from shifting into Park.

Toyota Prius: 170,856. The issue was the intermediate shaft and sliding yoke in the electric power-steering system could crack when large forces were applied.

Flossin' Their Mad Ride

Interested in this Lincoln Navigator? You'll have to get in line-Burkitt & Burkitt hopes to hand-encrust the SUV with 1.5 million Swarovski crystals. Excessive, you say? We say crunkin. Crystals are the artsy way the Burkitts like to decorate stuff, although back in 1988, they used 23,000 gold British coins to cover a limo.

New Phrase MPG Maximizer

An add-on device that promises your car will get better fuel economy in these hard times (or in easy times, but no one cares then). Some are said to actually increase emissions in the process, but at least they also may void the warranty.

Could Your Name Mean You'll Wreck?

Insurance provider Admiral says its research has shown that drivers named Ben and Sophie are more likely to be involved in an accident. Runner-up boy names were Dean and Alex, while you should plan to take a cab if it's Natalie or Maria's turn at the carpool. In terms of safest, Ian and Ann were least likely to have an accident.

7-Second Reads

*A Japanese research team is said to be planning to have a race car in the Dakar rally in January that will be fueled by tempura oil.
*Shell is starting to experiment with the return of pump attendants in places like Germany.
*The Department of Homeland Security is going to install radiation-detection devices at points of entry in major cities to spot dirty bombs and nuke material. Scanning commercial traffic is also on the agenda.
*Tennessee was the 30th state to adopt the Move Over law, which carried a fine of $50 if a driver didn't move over for stopped police, fire, tow, or other help/government-related vehicles. But now, Tennessee has bumped it to $500 with possible time in the slammer.
*Remember when we told you Ford wanted to bring back the Fairlane name-but for a minivan? Looks like that won't happen. Did we use our power for good?
*A Lithuanian restaurant chain wants to trademark the smell of pizza.'African animal tempura. Yum!

Great Race World 2008

It may seem at times this renowned event is almost less of a race and more of a parade of the hottest in vehicle technology. Get over that-it's both. And Great Race World 35,000km, New York to Paris 2008 will be no different. Alternative-fuel and hybrid-powered vehicles will represent for the first time. Showcasing green technology and promotion of renewable energy usage will put participants in the running for a $1 million Innovation Prize for the Innovation Technology division. But Great World Race won't just be about being green. The Classic division is for '69-or-earlier cars, including musclecars, and will have a purse of $500,000.

The '08 race starts on February 12 in New York City and will finish at the Eiffel Tower on May 1. If you're interested in participating, the deadline for submitting the application is December 31, 2006. For entry fees and other info, go to

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