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1970 Pontiac LeMans - 'Readers' Pages

High-Compression Letter

I've read enough about hydraulic roller cams and pump-gas street/strip motors. How about a radical, solid flat-tappet race-cammed, high-compression, race-gas-powered, nitrous-injected,low-geared, high-stalled stroker Chevy small-block for bracket racing? Or should I drive my project to your office when I finish it?

Police Pursuit

After finishing the "Ford's Secret Weapon" article in the Nov. '05 issue, I had to chuckle at the dollars put into a cop car to allow it to reach 135. I was doing that as a rookie deputy sheriff in my bone-stock, 200-pounds-in-the-trunk '78 Fury. We get to take our cars home, so a local gearhead did a little tuning to it, but nothing the motor-pool guys would immediately notice.

The last true cop car was the LT1 Caprice. Lots of power and room. We really don't need a 130-mph car, just one that will go from 40 to 100 rapidly before those pesky Geo Metros get away from us. As a patrol sergeant, I am issued an Expedition, as they have the room needed for all the current high-tech equipment we now must carry. It is chipped at 100 mph, and I can't tweak a computer. As the mighty dollar rules, our agency buys our vehicles from what they call "state bid," i.e., the cheapest cop car available. PLEASE Dodge, underbid them by $25 and let us drive a cop car again. I'll put in my 25 bucks! -Joe Reiss, Kelso, WA


Send Burnouts!!
Don't be sensible, live a little! Send your burnout photos and be the king of all guys that cannot or will not do their own burnouts. If you send them via e-mail to, always send large files. That's at least 500k and 5x5 inches at 300 dpi (1,500x1,500 pixels). If you don't know what we're talking about, ask a 12-year-old kid. Send tangible photos to Car Craft, 6420 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90048.

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