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1967 Ford Mustang Fastback - High Gloss

Bill Farrington's '67 Mustang GTA is the subject of our first studio shoot in about 10 years. It was worth it.

Photography by

Tech Notes
Who: Bill Farrington
What: '67 Mustang fastback
Hometown: Everett, Washington, and Phoenix, depending on what day it is.
The Work: West Coast Restorations in Snohomish, Washington.

Engine: John Barrett advertises a 392 Windsor package, but Bill wanted the 4.00-inch stroke from the Probe crankshaft. Combined with a 4.030 Dart block, the package is 408 inches that makes 550 hp at 6,000 rpm. The combination also uses Brodix 200cc heads and a Comp Cams hydraulic roller XA274H10 with 0.519/0.523 lift and 230/236 degrees of duration on a 110-lobe center. This version has 10.0:1 compression, but the fuel - injected version can go a high as 11.0:1.

Exhaust: Stan's Headers in Puyallup, (say: pew al up) Washington, built the pipes that are fitted to a Magnaflow 3-inch system.

Transmission: Bill thinks standard transmissions are more fun on the street, and we agree. The Tremec TKO is much larger than a T5, so the transmission tunnel had to be modified and a Tremec tubular crossmember installed to get it to fit. The Mustang uses a stock pedal box and pedals with a hydraulic master and slave mounted on the McLeod scattershield. Drivelines Northwest in Everett, Washington, shortened the driveshaft.

Differential: It's a Ford 9-inch from Currie with a Tru-Trac differential and 3.89 gears.

Suspension: The Mustang has Global West control arms and a 111/48-inch sway bar with ShockWave shocks from Air Ride in the front spliced with a 2x3-inch subframe connector that is welded into the floorboard. The rear suspension is a four-link, also with Air Ride suspension and a RidePro E system to raise and lower the car. The steering components were replaced by a Total Control rack-and-pinion system.

Interior: Unique Performance covered the Procar seats with leather, the dashboard is from JME, and the Shelby steering wheel is from LeCarra. The console was built by West Coast and has the controls for the power windows and the digital Air Ride system. The shifter has been modified for the Tremec.

Wheels: The 17- and 18-inch Marauders are from Wheel Vintiques with 245/45R17 and 255/35R18 BFGoodrich g-Force tires. When the bags are all the way down, it looks cool, but you can't turn the front wheels.

Brakes: The brakes are 13.5-inch Baer Track and 11.5-inch Baer Sport discs.

Paint: The color is Lamborghini Orange Pearl also known as Arancio Atlas Mica. The stripes are from an '04 Toyota called Silver Metallic Opal. The four coats of base, six coats of orange, and five coats of clear were all applied by Dale Knutson at

Cool parts: No one would let us leave without seeing the billet hood hinges from Ring Brothers, the Total Control aluminum export brace, and the handmade throttle linkage and return spring bracket. Also cool are the illuminated aluminum sill plates from Scott Drake Enterprises and sequential taillights.

Trivia: There are no wires visible in the engine bay.

Builder: Zac Thureson at West Coast Restorations put most of the car together with Shawn Carlson, who dropped the engine in.

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