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1989 Pontiac Firebird - Readers' Pages

Mild Cam Letter

I liked your comments in the front page (Front Man, June '06) about how people differ in their perceptions of what they would tolerate in an engine's manners. I personally like a mild combo with lots of nitrous. My current setup is a 383 with AFR 195 74cc heads, SRP flat-tops for 9.7:1 compression, and a GMPP Hot cam with 218/228 at 0.050. I also like big small-blocks like the Motown 434 block. The current combo runs 12.65 at 115 with a 100-shot, and I will be using a 175 setup later this year.-Steve Telkes, Saddle Brook, NJ

Pro Street Letter

A while back, you asked whether Car Craft should do another Pro Street build. I say emphatically, yes! My brother and his boss are building two '67 Chevy IIs. One has a full Heidt's chassis setup, tubs, and a blown 406. The other is a budget-built setup with drop spindles, custom minitubs, and a blown 383. Two awesome cars, and I know, because I had them both as stock Novas.-Peter Lefebvre

In and Out List

In: The new "On The Rack" column.
Out: Not actually getting to see "the rack."

In: Freiburger and McGean pulling all-nighters to finish cars and bring us the stories.
Out: Freiburger and McGean not pulling all-nighters in my garage to help me finish cars.

Out: Terry McGean

In: Including the prices of the go-fast stuff in the articles.
Out: The prices of some of the go-fast stuff.-Ray Green, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Who: Ted Baltuch
Where: Montreal, Canada
What: '68 Buick GS400 convertible
Why: No one ever builds these cars, and they look pretty cool. This one has a '72 Sportwagon frontend, and we applaud the guy who is willing to keep the stock 400 instead of swapping in a 455.
He Says: The biggest pain in the butt was finding decent trim.


Who: Doug Huie
Where: Garnerville, NY
What: '79 Z28
Why: The frickin' thing is so purple, we couldn't help but show it to you. These cars make excellent cruisers by the way. This one has a small-block with 11.0:1 compression and makes 709 hp with a big nitrous hit. It also has a TH400 with a reverse manual valvebody to confuse the valet.

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