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1989 Pontiac Firebird - Readers' Pages

From V-6 To Wheelies

Who: Brad Wray
Where: Moline, IL
What: '89 Pontiac Firebird
Why: This guy drives the 'Bird to the track, bolts on the slicks, and pulls the trigger. This photo was taken when Brad went from foot-braking the car to a trans brake and a 200hp shot of nitrous oxide off the line. It started life as a V-6 car before he swapped in a 383 with a Comp Cams solid flat-tappet cam and 10.0:1 compression. It uses a Chevelle 12-bolt with 3.90 gears to take the impact of the launch to a best of 9.98 at 134.
He Says: It's scary that we drive this to the track then home; someday something is going to break.

Big Wheel

Who: Ed Bitler
Where: Solon, OH
What: '06 Ford Mustang GT
Why: The Dream Car Factory makes the body kit for the new Mustang. This one also has a ProCharger and Corsa exhaust. Those dubs (20s) are HPD wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport A/S tires, 255/35 in front and 285/30 in back.

Horrible Sight

Who: Tom Bryant
Where: Edgerton, OH
What: '68 Dodge Coronet
Why: Tom snapped this picture of a '68 Dodge Coronet with a '69 Six-Pack hood at Hidden Valley Auto Parts in Maricopa, Arizona.
He Says: Someone please rescue it before it eats more of its young.

This Is Impressive

Who: Ken Szewczyk
Where: New London, IA
What: '72 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme
Why: Ken restored this thing from 6-feet-under to an impressive state. He said he did everything in his garage, including the paint.

Sure It's Nonalcoholic?

Who: Scott Gunderson
Where: Athens, WI
What: A picnic table, don't know what year
Why: His wife says it is dangerous and that is all the information we needed to print these photos. The 350 is from a '73 passenger car, the Powerglide is from a '66 Chevy II, and the 10-bolt is from an '87 Chevy truck. It took four tries to get a turbo that would work, the winner coming from a '96 Dodge Cummins truck. Note the "speed-rated" cupholders and death-trap steering configuration. We want one.
The State Patrol Says: It weighs 1,900 pounds.

No Need

Who: Bob Szymula
Where: East Coast
What: '71 Boss 351 Ford Mustang
Why: These cars were only available in 1971, and this one is in mint condition. Bob told us he was going to send us a burnout photo. No! Don't do it (unless it's a clone, then have at it).

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