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1969 Camaro Street-Driven Dominator ...And Other Divorceable Acts

We couldn't resist Rick Lantz's 1969 Camaro with a bonafide 746hp on the dyno.

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Heads: The shaft rockers on the Brodix CV SP 330 heads were rebuilt by T&D after the broken lifter opened up the lash and metal from the distributor gear spread glitter into everything. Otherwise the heads retain their original 14-degree canted-valve setup. According to Rick, they flow like crazy, but because some of the bolts are under the springs, you have to take some of the parts off the heads to install and remove them.

Intake: Brodix has two different port sizes for its heads and only makes one manifold, so Rick had Wilson Manifolds port the intake runners to match that of the head. Wilson also worked the floor a little and milled half an inch off the top then added the four-hole tapered spacer to help low-end driveability and still have some hood clearance.

Paint: Right now it is midnight blue, but Rick has always been partial to red. Who knows? He just doesn't want it to be too pretty, so he can drive it and not worry too much.

Pedal: Covers! He got them from an auto parts store in Yorba Linda, California, in the chrome section.

Rearend: The Camaro has a Chassisworks chromoly FAB 9 housing with a Strange aluminum dropout designed for GM 12-bolt guts, including an Eaton Posi, Strange 30-spline axles, and 3.42 gears.

Seats: The Corbeau seats are going to be replaced from bottom-of-the-line metal frames with foam so thin the springs poke you to top-of-the-line carbon-fiber seats with better pads and comfort. After the 'cage is done.

Transmission: Essentially, the Jeffco is a manually activated automatic. You have to have a clutch to start and stop but not to shift gears. You can no-lift shift, but on the street, it is a firm shift, and scary. Instead, Rick just lifts off the throttle then gets back into it. If you are just pulling levers, it is equivalent to a really stiff shift kit in an automatic. There is no park, so the car needs to be put in the opposite gear to stay put. It will roll back when it is in a forward gear or roll forward when it is in a reverse gear. Not so nice on a street car with no parking brake. The four levers are all forward, and each gear is pulled in descending order. All levers pulled back is Fourth, and when you get to a traffic light, you have to push each lever forward.

Water: The log on the front of the engine is required because the intake has no provisions for a traditional water neck. The Meziere electric pump circulates the water through custom braided lines in and out of the head.

Wheels: The 17x11-inch Budnik Prisms in the rear have a ton of room because that part of the chassis was custom-made. The 17x9.5-inch front wheels rub the headers at full lock. It never had a good turning radius to begin with.

Cool: "My favorite thing is shredding tires at will. It will get old eventually, but I like it for now. On the freeway, I knocked the shifter down one gear and got it a little sideways. The big stuff is done, so I can just fix the little things," Rick says.

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