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1991 Chevy Camaro Z28 - Front Man

'66 Ford Falcon

A very cool two-door sedan, the car was red on red with a six-cylinder engine and three on the tree. I dreamed of Cleveland power and a four-speed, then realized I was still in school. Got $300 for it.

'72 Datsun (Nissan) 240Z

I was curious about a car with factory sidedrafts. What can I say? It was small and fun to drive.

'78 Ford Bronco

After I was lured into the 4x4 scene, I bought a big, green-and-white truck with 33-inch tires, a 400-inch V-8, and an auto. It represented my first and only attempt at off-roading. It used a lot of gas, and once I got it stuck while crossing a swamp forcing me to swim through the guck with a 40-pound chain. I never figured out what the big deal was about off-roading, so I sold it.

'83 VW Scirocco

My friends were into the import scene early and made this one low and quick. I bought it totaled and learned paint and body firsthand. Sold it for books or something.

'66 Chevy Corvair Corsa convertible

This corpse never did anything but sit and look cool. It had four carbs and a four-speed with Corsa parts rusted to it. It was only worth something to a hard-core Corvair guy. He towed it away for me.

'74 Mercedes 240D

My second paint-and-body project. Guess how much Benzo parts cost. A lot.

'85 Chevy Corvette

I've told this story already. Let me recap: expensive Tuned Port car that landed me a wife and likely this here job.

'91 Chevy Camaro Z28

My first crack at real performance with nitrous, then a blower, then a 383. Then I put it all together and made 525 hp and 600 lb-ft at the wheel with smog-compliant exhaust gas numbers.

'67 AMC Rambler American

(the CC/Rambler) So here I am. The Rambler is the only thing cooler than the '69 Road Runner that I am going to buy next. Anyone got one? -Douglas R. Glad

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