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1957 Chevy Bel Air - 'Readers' Pages

The Hoots Part Xx

Who: Isaac "Ike" Dix
What: '91 Chevrolet Camaro RS
Where: Clermont, FL
Why: Because we inadvertently started some kind of Hooters photo-shoot trend. First guy to send us a Hooters Girls Gone Wild video gets a free CC license plate.
He Says: It's finally out of the garage. First stop is the WingHouse.

All Firebirds Are Better Than Ours

Who: Steve Lemieux
What: '68 Pontiac Firebird
Where: Outside Detroit, MI
Why: Using a 0.060-over Pontiac 400, it runs 13.48 at 103 mph.
He Says: The Michigan racing season is short, so I race it as much as I can.

Victory Trans Am

Who: Darrin K
Where: Castlegar, BC, Canada
What: '73 AMC Javelin
Why: The Javelin has the original Trans Am Red paint on it with the black and white "Domino" interior, 360 engine, and a TorqueFlite 727 transmission and 3.15 Twin Grip Model 20 differential. Darrin bought it on eBay and immediately took it down the quarter-mile where it ran 14.90 at 92 mph. He wants to add Trans Am Victory decals and stripes when he gets the cash. But for now, he is restoring the original stuff when he gets the chance.
He Says: I've been slowly doing all this with the money I make workin' at a grocery store. How clich is that?

When Your Dad Is Really Cool

Who: Christopher Smoot
What: '68 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme
Where: University of Missouri, Columbia
Why: We don't usually see anyone building the Olds 350 because of the 455. Then again, we haven't seen a 455 sitting in the yard for a while, so maybe it's time for a look. Chris bored his to 4.155 inches and added 11.0:1 Chevy 400 pistons, a 204/216 Crane hydraulic flat-tappet cam, and an Edelbrock Performer RPM intake that has been port-matched to a set of big-block heads. Chris and his dad did all the bodywork. It took them five years to paint or undercoat everything.
We Say: Thanks, Dad.

Going South

Who: Alexandre Kroeff
What: '74 Ford Maverick
Where: Porto Alegre, Brazil
Why: Evidently Ford sent some Mavericks down South where Alexandre found this four-speed GT already adorned with a stripe kit, foglights, and hood pins. He added 3.92 gears, a Victor Jr. intake, and a 750 Holley.
He Says: I bought it in 1992, right after I came back from the U.S. where I was an exchange student. Living in America made me go home with a strong V-8 passion.

Build This!

Who: Dustin McKinney
What: '79 Pontiac Phoenix
Where: In front of his garage
Why: He is having trouble finding replacement emblems and dashpad parts for his restoration job. Duh.
We Say: Dustin, we think in this case you should forget about appearances and spend the money on engine stuff. It's better to go fast than to look good because goin' fast is lookin' good.

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