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ABC News says the package for the retiring chair of Exxon, Lee Raymond, will be worth more than $400 million and will include home and personal security, a car and driver, use of the corporate jet, and lots more than just a card signed by everyone in his department and Hilda in Receiving. By the way, remember when you were screaming about how high gas prices were last year? Exxon made $36 billion-the largest annual profit of any company in history, claims ABC News. -Tori Tellem

Phrase of the month Prius BacklashGrowing movement by car-poolers who are PO'd at hybrid drivers using the carpool lane because they are driving too slowly in order to get the as-promised fuel economy. -Tori Tellem

7-Second Reads

The drive-in is making a comeback! A new Showboat theater has opened in Hockley, Texas.Super Stock A/HEMI Class driver Jim Pancake set a new class record on three different occasions in his '68 Barracuda.Rumor has it the talk is getting more heated about the likelihood of a 600hp Corvette. In the good way.Mopar has renewed its multiyear agreement as title-rights sponsor of the NHRA Mile-High Nationals.Esquire magazine named the Corvette one of its "Ten Most Awesome Autos" under $50,000. Isn't that mag too snooty for "awesome"?The Chicago Tribune reports the Illinois governor has signed a law requiring that mercury-laden switches be yanked from junkyard vehicles before they're scrapped. The law will require automakers to create a collection program and arrange for the removed switches to be transported elsewhere. -Tori Tellem

The Car Craft Dyno Drags

OK, when you think about it, who has a dyno competition indoors? Only the Car Craft dudes would be able to talk honest, unsuspecting car-show promoters into letting CC readers run full-throttle and uncorked on a chassis dyno inside the Cleveland IX center in Ohio last October during the first Car Craft Dyno Drags sponsored by Mustang Dynamometers. We scared the crap out of the trained bear and vendors at the home-and-garden show who were trying to demonstrate the latest in tranquil water features. Yes, we roared. The coup de grace was Gary Box and his 788hp blown '65 Corvette booming at 7,000 rpm. The unmistakable sound of stupid big-block was deafening and took a few seconds to travel down to the end of the cavernous building and back, creating an intolerable endless loop of thunder as we blew away the 40th Annual Cleveland Autorama. Here are our new best friends in order of horsepower.-Douglas R. Glad

Owner Vehicle ATW Power
1. Gary Box '65 Corvette 788
2. Jim Katakos '69 Chevelle 769
3. Anton Lanesky '81 Camaro 603
4. Ken Matthews '80 Malibu 538
5. Steve Ali '00 Corvette 483
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