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Camaro Concept - Straight Scoop

More Camaro

So it's probably coming. In fact soon, probably, like maybe an '08 model. And while Chevrolet won't cough up any official details or specifics about it yet, the company did provide more photos of The Concept Car That Will Be. We take the extra photos as a good sign-probably. We're just saying. So enjoy this collage of what better be-and probably will.-Tori Tellem

Stage 3 Mustang

Does 415 hp and 385 lb-ft of torque sound good to you? Duh. This Mustang is the latest invention from Roush, with its star component being the intercooled Roushcharger system perking up the stock 4.6L V-8, which has a custom-calibrated ECM. The suspension has been engineered with specially tuned front struts, rear shocks, springs, sway bars, and jounce bumpers. Performance also hit the brakes in the form of front 14-inch two-piece rotors and four-piston calipers.

Stuff to make it cooler to the naked eye includes a seven-piece body kit with a hoodscoop, a rear wing, rocker panels, and a rear valance. There are also custom 18-inch rims, white-face gauges, and Roush badging all over, including in the engine compartment. For people wanting to go Stage 3 crazy, there are optional add-ons, such as racing stripes, a short-throw shifter, and dash trim. For more about this Mustang, you can go to a nearby Roush dealer or just be a lazy bastard and visit Tellem

The Cult Of Manual Shifters

OK, so they're technically not a cult (denial is admittance number one?), but they are definitely a community with staunch beliefs-specifically in all that is the manual transmission. We are talking about Shiftyworld, whose Save the Shifter mantra is about ensuring the world never goes all-automatic. Greg Bruder, the founder of the organization, thinks the trend for automakers will continue to be to eliminate the stick in new cars and trucks, and that's why he says "action now can prevent that looming extinction from happening."

To get on the soapbox, check out, where you'll find driver interviews-and we're talking about with real race-car drivers, not Marshall Thompson of Tomahawk, Wisconsin, telling how he shifts his Ford pickup on the ranch. Although ... there are indeed endorsements by regular townspeople about their own transmissions, albeit tales devoid of thrill. You'll also find driving tips and other manual-lifestyle info. -Tori Tellem

Rent A Mustang

By any chance do you remember in 1966 when Carroll Shelby and Ford got in the rental-car business? It was the Rent-A-Racer program, and they teamed up with Hertz to loan out the Shelby Hertz GT350H, a high-performance Mustang with unique black-and-gold coloring (well, as unique as the Hertz building and uniforms) and a rule against renting to anyone younger than 25.

It's back for 2006, a venture that tunes the 4.6L V-8 with a Ford Racing Handling Pack, a Power Pack, 3.55s, and other souped-up modifications, bringing the next-gen GT-H to 325 hp and 330 lb-ft of torque with a tight ride. There's also a numbered dash badge, Shelby's signature, and a Shelby Automobiles performance hood. You should be able to rent one in most major cities. -Tori Tellem

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