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Camaro SS-427/ Phase III 540 - Straight Scoop

By Tori Tellem

Osha Gets Tough On Chrome

Anyone who's tried to restore an old car in the past 10-15 years knows the availability and cost of having chrome plating done has climbed significantly, mostly as a result of ever-tightening government regulation. Now it looks like the standards will become even stricter. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration-you know them as OSHA-has set new limits for exposure to airborne particles of hexavalent chromium, limiting the exposure level to five micrograms per cubic meter of air, averaged over an eight-hour period. According to SEMA, this is about 11/410 the amount previously allowed, though it's still 20 times higher than the levels sought by the activists who have been fighting for the reform. The change will affect plating facilities as well as paint manufacturers, steel manufacturers, and industries involved with welding. Despite this, OSHA estimates that 88 percent of the affected workplaces already meet the new standard. You can probably figure that the other 12 percent includes your local plater, if you even still have one. Better get those unobtainum chrome goodies redipped now. For more information, log on to McGean

The King Hits the Silver Screen

Previously, we told you of the upcoming Disney animated movie Cars about a world of talking machines and racing. Like most of Disney's animated films of recent years, Cars is aimed at a younger audience but with elements that appeal to adults. One of the things we appreciate is the use of specific makes and models rather than just goofy generic cars. When we got a follow-up press release on the film mentioning that Richard Petty would be providing the voice for one of the characters, we had a hunch it would be for the '70 Superbird on the list of cars depicted. Sure enough, Petty's character is a veteran stock car with more "Piston Cup" races than any other car in the history of the series. Aptly nicknamed The King, Strip Weathers even wears the 43 over Petty Blue paint. We may have to grab a nephew, niece, or kid off the street to justify seeing this. -Terry McGean

Peak Antifreeze And Splitfire Mustang Sweepstakes

Next to the free Danica Patrick poster, we can't think of a better reason to visit or for a chance to win an '06 Mustang GT during the Project Fire & Ice Sweepstakes. To enter, visit one of the above-mentioned Web sites or stop by your local AutoZone to sign up in person. Unlike other giveaway cars that get fender flares and a chrome cupholder for mods, the '06 GT has extensive chassis and engine upgrades courtesy of Ford Racing Performance Parts (FRPP). The big ones are the FRPP Drag Pack, which should shave 0.50-second off the car's e.t., and the Handling Pack, which lowers the car 1.5 inches and adds a beefed sway bar and trick Ford dampers. Makes us want to sign up. Since we can't, you should. Do it before July 1, 2006 or you don't have a prayer.-Douglas R. Glad

By Tori Tellem
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