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Camaro SS-427/ Phase III 540 - Straight Scoop

By Tori Tellem

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Did you have to kill a man to steal the issue of Car Craft you're reading right now? It might be because the local grocery guy is too busy looking for that golden entry ticket to the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory to stock the best car mag in the universe. Step up and tell him the contest ended 40 years ago, and he needs to get a rack of Car Craft to rope the cool kids and thereby the hot chicks in miniskirts into the store. Tell him all he has to do is call the Retail Vision Direct-to-Retail Program at 800/381-1288 and buzz Liz Warden at extension 6047. Then be nice and buy an ice cream sandwich or something. -Douglas R. Glad

SS-427 and Phase III 540 Camaros

Get 'em while you can. If you're a procrastinator, you're hosed. If you're a budget procrastinator, hosed squared. Baldwin-Motion is building a small number of 450hp SS-427 and 600hp Phase III 540 Camaro coupes and convertibles in SS (that's Super Sport), RS (that would be Rally Sport), and SS/RS (that would be one and two together). Neat, right? So neat you better start coughing up 169,000 bills for the SS-427 Classic and $189,000 for the Phase III (starting price tags). You can even tack on a warranty!

If you're interested in one, you're not bound by those horsepower figures. B-M says these will be custom built to order, so the company can pop in a supercharged or twin-turbo 720ci big-block for up to 1,000 hp for the Phase III. Stock, you're looking at either car having items such as Hooker headers, a Tremec TKO 600 five-speed tranny, front and rear spoilers, upper and lower tubular A-arms, QA1 coilover shocks and springs, and Baer performance brakes. Optional hardware will include a 562, 572, 632, and the aforementioned big-mama 720ci mill for the Phase III, a power hood, an engine-appearance package, and a hood tach for either model. There are a million more options available, but suffice it to say, you can build your fantasy Camaro as well as incorporate those of your five neighbors.

The Baldwin-Motion do-overs will be out-of-the-box streetworthy '69 Camaro donors and have original '69 Chevy VINs so no back-alley registration will be needed. They will even be signed by the Motion part of the company, Joel Rosen. (Don't scratch your brain holder over that puzzler-read the history on the Web site to understand Rosen is Motion.)

Although they are currently under construction, two coupes and one two-seat speedster have already been ordered from the 12 cars being built.-Tori Tellem

Rockford On Dvd

We know lots of guys who have built up their collections of videos and DVDs in recent years just so they can play, rewind, and freeze all the best shots of their favorite TV and movie car chases to soak up the details. Finally, you get a chance to scrutinize the Rockford Firebird. Even though The Rockford Files has reportedly been playing in reruns almost nonstop since the series ceased in the late '70s, it was released on DVD only recently. Thanks to Universal Studios Home Entertainment, the first two seasons are now available with more to come. We've already spotted some interesting Firebird trivia items after watching the first few episodes. Check it out wherever DVDs are sold or go to the DVD section of on the Web. -Terry McGean

By Tori Tellem
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