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1985 Chevy Camaro - Readers' Pages - Burnout!!

Reader's Rant

Since the merger of Car Craft and Teen magazine, it's been all downhill. Goofy layouts, sideways pictures, weak print on pastel backgrounds, fillers like some clown's guitar collection, or cars that were for sale 15 years ago, and the moronic obsession with burnouts. There are still a lot of great articles, but the teen influence has turned what was once THE rodders mag into a poorly done rag. If you think readers want to see Dodge caravans doing burnouts or some 12-year-old with Granny's station wagon, you've spent too much time watching Vin Diesel films. Grow up!!

And please don't paint any more cars "Dole banana yellow." I hate to burst your "Dukes of Hazzard" bubble, but tripe like that has created the public impression that rodders are all jerks. As you can tell, I'm disgusted with the downgrade at CC. -John Zelina, ex-subscriber

It's easy to tell that Car Craft is being shafted by corporate. I lost count of how many project cars and engine builds you guys have purchased and/or started only to have them drop out of sight. It looks as if they are willing to give you guys two or three grand to purchase cars, but no more to actually build them. Now a Mustang for the collection. Great. -Andrew O'Neill, via e-mail


Who: Clay Raymond
Where: Southern Illinois
What: '88 Oldsmobile Trofeo
Why: Some students from the University of Illinois turned this Trofeo into a giant barbecue grill.

The grill is all custom-built and is located under the hood. The trunk is a keg holder with a table built in to hold condiments. The interior has been stripped, and custom wood floors, door panels, and dashboard have been installed. The car has working power windows and a stereo system. They Say: We built a tow bar that connects directly to the bumper but is also detachable once we park it. The taillights and turn signals still operate, so we can tow it to all of the football games, and we use it at home all the time. I know there is nothing high-performance about a grill, I just thought maybe you guys would like it.

Fresh El Camino

Who: Greg Hunter
Where: New Mexico
What: '66 El Camino
Why: This 20-year-old has been assembling this car in his spare time doing everything except taking the body off of the frame. He plans on replacing the 327 with a 434 small-block soon, and he has already prepped the rear with a Dana 60 from Strange Engineering. The wheels are 20-inch Eagle alloys in the rear and 18s in front on Potenza tires.

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