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1985 Chevy Camaro - Readers' Pages - Burnout!!

Can You Do This?

Who: Brandon Wood
Where: Valdosta, GA
What: '85 Camaro
Why: This is the '05 NHRA F/FIA record-holder in the eighth- and quarter-miles. The car has run 11.49 in the quarter-mile and leaves with an impressive wheelstand.

Which Kit Car Is That?

Who: Walt Zimmerman
Where: Originally from Kenosha, WI
What: '68 AMX
Why: Whenever we show interest in AMCs, we get e-mail from guys like Walt describing his 0.030-over, 401-powered AMX with a 727 TorqueFlite, and 3.73:1 M20 rear.
He Says: I was once asked, "What kind of kit car is that?"

Third-Gen Fun

Who: Chris Walsh
Where: Saint Charles, MO
What: '89 Camaro IROC-Z
Why: It was originally a Flame Red L98/700-R4 with the Aussie 9-bolt and 2.77s. Now the car has a 355-inch L98 with a Super-Ram intake, an LPE 219 cam, aluminum Corvette heads, a '91 body kit, and DuPont Chromapremier G9900S Super Jet Black paint with Royal Plum accents. He's done the six-speed upgrade with some suspension tweaks and added a '99 Camaro rearend with 4.10:1 gears.

Draws A Crowd

Who: Manny Garcia
Where: Torrance, CA
What: '69 Pro Street Chevelle
Why: Manny's father was a street racer back in the '60s, so Manny grew up around hot rods. They talked about building a Pro Street car together, so this is a father-and-son build with a little help from their friends.
He Says: The old-school look of a big Rat motor with a blower ripping out of the hood and the super-wide rear tires always draws a crowd.

One More '67 Camaro

Who: Jay C. Hatler
Where: Near Russellville, AR
'67 Camaro Rally Sport
Why: He bought the car in 1978 for $450 looking about like it does now. Since then, he's bolted in a 454, 700-R4, (great for driving cross-country-he claimed 17.8 mpg), and a 12-bolt Posi with 3.73s. He also added Vintage Air A/C, front discs from a Buick Apollo, and rear discs from a Caddy Eldorado.

$300 Chevelle Project

Who: David Middleton
Where: Broomall, PA
What: '70 Chevelle
Why: He has owned the car for nine years, and he spent the last two restoring it. It has 57,000 original miles and was owned by a little old lady. He paid $300 for it, and it was a clean East Coast car, which meant it only needed quarters, inner and outer wheeltubs, trunk floors, trunk extensions, and fenders.

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