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Dodge 440 Dart - Flash Back

What If Dodge Had Built A 440 Dart With Headers And Attitude?

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This chart shows both observed and corrected times for the Dart. The Baseline run was produced at Speed World outside Phoenix at a track elevation of 1,250 feet. The After Mods run was measured at LACR where the track altitude is 2,750 feet. The conversions used for both tracks are NHRA altitude factors and only correct for track elevation, not weather conditions.

Density AltitudeEveryone knows that cool, dry air is best for making power. One way to evaluate the density of air is to equate it to altitude. Someone much smarter than us came up with the idea of density altitude, which uses an altitude figure that equates to oxygen content in the air. The variables that determine density altitude are atmospheric pressure, ambient air temperature, and vapor pressure-which is another way to look at humidity. All these factors combine to create density altitude. Zero density altitude would be at sea level with an air temperature of 60 degree F, an atmospheric pressure of 14.7 psi, and zero humidity. As pressure drops, the temperature rises; as vapor pressure increases, the density altitude will climb. It's also possible to achieve a density altitude of below sea level, generally with a combination of high pressure and low ambient air temperature.

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