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1970 Pontiac Trans Am - Top Speed Trans AM

Just A Couple Of Guys Driving Flat-Out In An American Car On The German Autobahn A9 Trying To Reach 200 Mph From Munich To Berlin.

Photography by , , Wesley Allison

Ignition: The MSD Ready-to-Run Pro Billet distributor and Mallory Pro Master coil and Mallory Hy-Fire 6A were error-free on the banzai runs. Good thing too; imagine needing one in Deutschland.

Fuel Pump: He feeds it all with a Mallory Model 140 electric pump. He tried to use the stock one for stock looks but it was too stock to keep up with the non-stock engine. Get that?

Cam: He called Erson and said that he wanted to run a sustained speed of 200 mph and drive it on the street. The company sent him a mechanical roller cam with 283/288 duration at 0.050 on a 114-degree lope separation angle with 0.705/0.676 lift.

Transmission: Liberty Transmission took the Muncie M22 and rollerized some internal bearings and swapped Fourth gear to an overdriven 0.82:1.

Suspension: His thinking: For a straightaway car, you don't need to go nuts. He put 500-pound springs in the front with QA1 adjustable shocks. The sway bars are stock with polyurethane bushings. The rear uses Landrum circle-track springs.

Body: The paint and the decals are original. We love that body style. Why would you change things?

Goodies: Since the stock speedo is worthless much over 140, a Raymarine GPS system is used to calculate speed. Charlie said it rarely loses the signal.

Rearend: It's a 10-bolt from a '76 Trans Am with Moser axles and an Auburn carrier with 2.41: 1. He would have used a 12-bolt, but he couldn't find anything lower than 3.08:1.

Wheels and tires: The meats in the photo are stock, but on the high-speed runs, Charlie uses 235/35ZR-19/RF and 255/35ZR-19RF BFG g-Force KDW tires and Budnik Diamond Light Fat Lip wheels.

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