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1967 Chevy Camaro - Two Turbos, - No Waiting

David Welker's 8-Second, 150-Mph Camaro With Attitude

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Short-block: A very tired two-bolt-main 454 with a hardened GM steel crank, Eagle H-beam rods, 0.070-over SRP 8.0:1 compression pistons, and Moroso oil pan and pump. David does all his own machine work at B&B.

Camshaft: Turbos don't need a radical cam-it's an Engle 253/ 253 at 0.050 with 0.580-inch lift and 114-degree lobe spread.

Heads: Pro Topline aluminum 360cc rectangle-port castings with 2.30/1.88-inch valves with Comp dual springs measuring 360 pounds over the nose.

Headers: This started out as an owner-fabricated 131/44-inch primary tube Jeg's weld-up kit, coated inside and out.

Turbos: Schwitzer hybrid T04B with a 58mm compressor wheel and a 0.96 I/R turbine housing. All of David's turbochargers and parts come from Arizona Turbo.

Intake: Weiand Team G single plane

Carburetor: Carburetor Solutions Unlimited (CSU) 950 cfm with custom annular-discharge boosters designed for blow-through applications.

Fuel System: David uses an Aeromotive A2000 carbureted bypass return-style regulator that increases fuel pressure 1:1 to boost pressure to prevent leaning out the air/fuel ratio. Fuel pressure is maintained by a massive Aeromotive electric fuel pump.

Nitrous: Used Top Gun single-stage plate tuned for a 150 shot.

Ignition: David just tried a hotter 7AL3 MSD unit but says that his trusty 6AL with boost retard worked just as well.

Transmission: Owner-built TH400 with a 10-inch Coan 3,500-stall converter.

Suspension: Your basic back-halved Camaro with a Jegster ladder-bar rear suspension and single adjustable Koni coilover shocks hooked to a gusseted 12-bolt with 3.42 Richmond gears and Strange 35-spline spool and axles. For traction, David runs Hoosier 32x14-15 slicks mounted on 14x15 Weld wheels. On the street, he runs 33x19.5-15 M/T Sportsman "rock hards." Up front is a stock front clip with Moroso front springs, Competition Engineering shocks, and a stock steering box and brakes.

Performance: The Camaro's best pass to date is an 8.62 at 162, while his best 60-foot is 1.30.

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