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1987 Buick Grand National - 'Readers' Pages

The New Car Craft

In case you blinked, Car Craft saw a massive change in design and slight shift in direction starting with the May '05 issue. As we hoped, readers reacted passionately. That didn't always mean positively, but the love has been outweighing the hate by about 10 to 1. Of particular note was the volume of guys in ecstasy over seeing Krass & Bernie return to print. See if you agree with these guys. Keep e-mailing youropinions of the mag to It counts.

Loves It

"Subliminal pictures, inconspicuous comments, cartoons; I flipped back to the cover to make sure I wasn't reading an issue of MAD Magazine. Then I saw the '77 Nova project car.

It had to be Car Craft. I like it, a lot. " Luke Shook, Jobstown, NJ

"George Trosley is a national treasure!" Rob Horton, via e-mail

"I don't care if you devote every issue to Camaros and Chevelles. You receive my everlasting gratitude for bringing Krass & Bernie back to print. Trosley is God!" Fred Sullivan, via e-mail

"This is soooo much better it made me get off my ass and go to the garage." Andrew Husted, via e-mail

"I was actually hard pressed to find a Camaro picture!"Bob Mayben, Gadsen, AL

Hates It"I subscribe for car info. If I want porn I have the Internet."Eric Cuttcliffe, via e-mail

"I can now say I've seen the worst idea for your magazine yet!!! This sucks the big one!" Samuel Lukowicz "You just made Popular Hot Rodding look that much better."Bill Sullivan, Oak Grove, MN

'That guy just made Liberace look much straighter.

Send Violence: Readers' Rides Live On Carcraft.Com

We recently announced the new section on for reader's videos. Don't forget to send your under-10-meg movies to us via We'd like to see dyno runs, dragstrip passes, first firings, and any other gearhead fun that makes us forget our miserable lives welded to our desks. And don't forget to go there and see other guys' cars in action, too!

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