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1991 Pontiac Firebird - Third Generation

Third-Gen TPI Cars Are Cheap! Our $1,500 '91 Formula Proves It, But First We'll Show You How to Overcome

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Day Nine: Tire SmokeThe new computer cost us 100 bones plus another $75 for the core. We plugged it in and the car fired right up and ran smoothly so we went out for some test laps. It's good, but the gas gauge is still broken, the radio doesn't work, and a lot of that worthless '91 GM water-based paint flaked off the hood and roof when Freiburger washed it. That just means there's more work to come. Stay tuned!

' The 7730 ECM box is actually the same for the 3.1L, 5.0L, and 5.7L cars, so look to the wrecking yard for spares in six-cylinder and eight-cylinder speed-density F-Bodies and Berettas, then swap in your PROM chip.

Description PN Brand Price
'91 Firebird Formula N/A N/A $1,500
Battery N/A Delco 75.00
Distributor cap DR134B Standard 18.81
Rotor DR133 Standard 3.81
Spark plugs R45TS ACDelco 14.72
ECM 780-7730 Standard 107.97
EGR valve 214-5540 ACDelco 62.50
Fuel filter G3727 Fram 10.88
Fuel pressure regulator PR10 Standard 62.68
Heater hose N/A N/A 2.71
Intake plenum gaskets 23468 Corteco 10.82
Transmission seal 96135 National 1.88
Transmission mount 2394 Anchor 16.54
U-joints 5346 Precision 20.64
Hood assist rods 901322 Monroe 41.40
Hatch assist rods 901020 Monroe 74.40
TOTAL $2,024.76
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