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1969 Dodge Charger - Live Mopar!

Loitering Loud With The South Bay Mopars

Photography by

Jim Bellissimo, Member That Has Help

'70 Dodge Coronet Convertible R/T Clone
"I bought this car in 1999 because I needed a new work car and I wanted to drive something that was old and wasn't a truck. Then I found this guy in New Jersey who had a burnt-orange Coronet 500 convertible, so I bought it for $15,000, shipped it to California, and had it appraised for a lot more. It had a 440 in it and the numbers didn't match, but I didn't care-numbers don't mean anything to me. Besides, I was going to drive it. Eventually it blew a head gasket and that repair snowballed into what you see here. I'd never done anything like this before. Sure I worked on cars but nothing like this. Club members came over and helped me put the engine back in so this was a group project.

Dan Hegybell, Member With The eBay Score

'68 Dodge Dart GT Convertible
"I bought this car off eBay from a kid in high school. His grandfather gave it to him and when he drove it to school, his friends teased him for not driving a Honda and convinced him to sell it. He put it up while I was looking for a car to duplicate a '72 340 Dart that I owned years ago and regretted selling. My winning bid was $5,800. I just couldn't resist for that price."

John Payne, Member Headed For Pro Street

'69 Dodge Charger
"I drove by this car on the Pacific Coast Highway and stopped to talk to the guy who owned it. It had a rollbar in it and was covered in stickers. It was painted white and very thrashed. I've since spent most of my time and money trying to make it more classic and less Pro Stock. The engine was junk too. I don't feel guilty about modifying the car because it was a green 318 car with a column shift. I would feel bad if it were a 440 four-speed car or a real R/T. Eventually I am going to put the normal Charger badges on it. When I bought it, it was wearing Hemi badges. Pulling those off was the first thing that I did."

Bob Barnes, Member Who Bought Instead Of Built

'64 Dodge Polara 500
"We were going to build a musclecar, but we found out how expensive it was so we decided to buy one instead. The previous owner had put about 30 grand into restoring the car and I bought it for $12,000. It had a fuel cell and a 500-inch stroked 440 with ported iron heads. The only thing I did to it was add an exhaust cutout that works with an electric switch. It's just bitchin'. I just flip the switch and it sounds like a Pro Stock car, then hit it again and it closes up."

Mike Urso, Member With The Grandpa-Fresh Ride

'70 Dodge Challenger R/T
"I've owned this car since 1974, when I found a guy down the street who advertised it every weekend, continually dropping the price. Eventually I bought the car for $1,100 when my van broke down. After I started driving it, I thought it was cool and kept driving it. Back then no one knew that these would become collectible. Otherwise I would have bought every one I could find. I've actually turned down some rare cars because they needed work and I didn't want to repair them. I still have the van, a '73 Dodge with 323,000 miles on it. The Challenger is an original 383 Magnum car with a 727 and a slapstick. Everything on the car is original and I plan on slowly restoring it with original parts. It has about 100,000 miles on it now, and I still love to drive it."

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