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1977 Chrysler New Yorker - 'Readers' Pages

Send Us Smoke Signals

Got good action? We need it. Be a legend like these guys by sharing your burnout shots with the readers of Car Craft. We need photos or digital images of at least 300 dpi and about 4x4 in size. Just set the digital camera to "large" and let fly. E-mail the mayhem to

Ls1 Hate Mail, The Quick Version
Who cares about gen iii motors? ok fine, they're the next small-block Chevys, but how about writingarticles on motors that some of your readers actually have and intend to soup up? If I ever own a Gen III it won't be for another 20 years.

Joe Hurley, Derby, NY

I read that Smith would take an LS1 over a '60s 396. I guess at 23 I'm already too much of a dinosaur to read Car Craft anymore.

Steve Werley, Leesport, PA

How many working guys can build a new LS1, let alone pay a tuner to make it run?

Paul Frink, Lincoln, NE

I love LS1s. The LS6s are even better, and I'd read anything about the new Hot Rod. Car Craft is where I come for stuff I can actually afford. Right now, the closest I can come to an LS1 is an L98, and it's the first V-8 I've had that wasn't carbureted.

Boghos Kocar, Woodland Hills, CA

So the buzz on Gen III small-blocks in Car Craft has been pretty bad overall, which is a bummer since they're killer engines, and it's not like you can't get them at the junkyard, especially truck versions. But people must not be ready for them yet, since the Dec. '04 issue with a Gen III on the cover died a miserable death on the newsstand. Check in to the message boards at for more ranting. While you're there, it might be OK for you to let us know if you actually like the late-model coverage.

We Want One

Who: Jeremy Blackhurst
Where: Katy, TX
What: '79 Pontiac Trans Am
Why: We've got a jones for second-gen T/As right now, and we wish we could get one this cool for this cheap. Built as his wife's daily driver, Jeremy scored this thing for $1,500, painted it for $350, added $250 worth of pigeon and stripes, and threw another $50 into knickknacks.

Import Racing the Right Way

Who: Scott Morgan
Where: North Bay, WA
What: '61 Vee-Dub
Why: The "why" is hangin' out of the hood: this Bug runs a blown 400 Chevy small-block in the nose and runs 9.91 in the quarter and had 9,000-plus street miles. Street freaks are back?

New! Readers' Rides Live On Carcraft.Com

A few guys have sent us good nasty wheelstand, burnout, and engine-explosion videos lately, which gave us an idea: Why not make a section on for reader's videos? So we're going to, and it's called Readers' Rides Live. To get involved, send us your movie in Quicktime or Windows Media file format (keep it under 10 megs, please-see for more details). Do it soon, and let's see who'll be the first with an action video on E-mail files to, or mail cds to Car Craft Live, 6420 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90048. Either way, don't forget to tell us your name, city, state, and details about your wild ride.

Lost Dragstrip of The Month

Looks like the last surviving dragstrip on Long Island has finally closed down. I believe it's been open since the late '50s, and I remember going to West Hampton in the early '60s with my older brother. Back then the majority of cars were hot rods similar to today's rat rods.

Ken Maltz, Via e-mail

For the first time in a long time we're short of Lost Dragstrip photos and information. Got more? Send them in now to Unfortunately, there's no shortage of strips going out of business.

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