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Reader's In and Out List

In: My wife and I honeymooning in the USA
Out: That was four years ago

In: I got a set of Trick Flow heads for my 350 small-block Chevy
Out: I've only put them on my car this year (because we were building a house)

In: Buying stuff mail order from the U.S.
Out: Paying tax when it gets to Australia

In: Not getting harassed by the police because I'm 37
Out: Not being 18 anymore

Bob Weir

Any Port

I was just reading your article on porting GM's Vortec heads ( It amazed me how much improvement you got on the exhaust end. They out-flowed the AFR 195s by a great deal. I would like to get similar results but don't know where to start. I am looking at a set of Pro Topline 906s and going from there, but the company has not replied to my e-mails. Is a local machine shop able to do this kind of porting, and how much should I expect to spend to have it done? I have no personal experience in porting, but I would be willing to learn. Some people have told me to start on a set of junk heads. I don't want to mess up a set of $500 heads. Please point me in the right direction for my project. These will be going on a budget stealth ram third-gen Camaro.
Preston Lynch
Via e-mail

We would encourage you to practice first on a set of junk heads to get a feel for what it takes to do minor pocket porting. The work on the Vortec heads requires some finesse, and yes, it is possible to mess them up, but if you practice first on a set of junk heads, you can improve your skills rather easily. The word on the street is that Pro Topline is out of business, but will soon return under different ownership.

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