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1967 Chevy Camaro RS/SS - Contemporary Enlightenment

A Corvette Concealed In A Camaro

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Camshaft: Stock '01 F-car LS1 (0.479/0.467-inch lift, 207/196 duration @ 0.050, 119.5-degree lobe sep.)

Induction: GM LS6 intake manifold with stock LS1 injectors and F-car throttle-body with custom programmed PCM by Speed Inc. (Illinois) and swap harness by Spear Fuel Injection Systems

Exhaust: Street & Performance tubular headers connected to custom 211/42-inch exhaust system with chambered mufflers

Power: Estimated 330-340 hp at the wheels with headers and programming

Transmission: '01 F-car T56 six-speed manual with stock '01 F-car clutch

Rearend: '86 Corvette Dana 44 centersection with 3.75:1 gears

Front suspension: '03 Corvette C5 independent with Afco coilover shocks and Speedway Engineering sway bar

Rear suspension: '86 Corvette C4 independent with Afco coilover shocks

Brakes: '03 Corvette C5 13-inch, front, '86 Corvette C4 12-inch, rear

Wheels and tires: Simmons three-piece F1 18x9.5 front, 18x10.5 rear with Toyo Proxes T1 275/35-18 front, 295/35-18 rear

Paint: '67 Chevy Nantucket Blue with white SS stripe by David Mueller, West Bend, WI

Body modifications: No outer body mods, floorpan reworked (welding by Ken Memmel) to accommodate independent rear

Cost to build: "Enough, but well worth it."

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