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Javelin - Build An AMC

What To Do When You Can't Find An Amx Or SST

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TransmissionsEarly AMCs came equipped with the Borg-Warner Shift Command automatic or the T10 four-speed on the performance models. The T10 has always been a decent piece, but the Shift Command automatic shifts poorly and has little or no aftermarket support for performance use. The reason is that after 1972 you could get the TorqueFlite 727 Chrysler transmission with an AMC bolt pattern from a fullsize Jeep or AMC passenger car. With the door open to all the mainstream Chrysler speed goodies like converters, shift kits, and shifters, it's no wonder the early automatic is more for pleasant street cruising while the 727 is used for Friday night drag racing.

The easy way, of course, would be to pick up a catalog and order the 727 or even a 904, a converter, and a shifter and call it done. But if you're into it, Advance Adapters has an adapter to retrofit any GM trans, including overdrives.

The standard transmission is a bit more straightforward; if you're lucky enough to score a four-speed T10 car, leave it in there. It also should be known that the T5 five-speed from late-model Mustangs and Camaros can be used with the stock bellhousing from the 401 AMC V-8. With a pilot bushing or flywheel swap, both are acceptable for performance applications.

DetailsFinally, the dress-up. Unlike Big Three cars, AMC used the 5-on-4.5 bolt pattern on all its musclecar-era cars. This happens to be the same bolt pattern as Ford and Chrysler, so swap meets and any of the huge number of wheel makers can provide rims for an AMC. Also, because of the Jeep guys, you can score about any part for the engine in chrome. All good, just don't overdo it.

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