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Fast Street Cars - Extreme Machines

10-, 11- & 12-Second Street Cars

Photography by Marko Radielovic

Plain Blue 10s
You have to push a car pretty hard to get it into the 10s, so the fix is usually a big hit of spray on a 12-second run to make that number and remain on the street. No such thing occurred here. Joe Martin's '65 runs 10.84 at 124 on the motor, then just because it's cool, he chooses to spray it to 10.16 at 133 with a 100 shot.

It's a 10-second big-block car with a plain blue wrapper. We kinda knew where this was going when we found out this car was intended for the street-as a sleeper. Joe was 16 in 1966, so we're thinking the years between teen and adult taught him a ton about what looks fast usually isn't. Now, his 25 years of wrestling with boat motors transferred to some car skills and allowed him to relive his youth. But this time he'll be teaching others the lesson.

Quick Tech
Car: '65 Chevrolet Malibu SS
Owner: Joe Martin, Scottsdale, Arizona
Engine: '70 iron 454 bored 0.100-over, Eagle crank, 9.8:1, Comp Cams XE294H camshaft with 248/258 degrees at 0.050, 0.600/0.613-inch lift, Edelbrock RPM heads, Edelbrock Victor Jr. single-plane intake manifold, Holley Pro Series 1,000-cfm carburetor
Trans: TH350 with a TCI 3,500-stall, B&M Mega Shifter
Rear: GM 12-bolt with a 3.73:1 ratio
Wheels & Tires: American Racing 15x4.5 Torq-Thrusts; Goodyear P165/85R15, front; big P275/60x15s, rear
Performance: 10.16 at 133 on a 100-shot of nitrous

All in the Family
The Brynteson household has been infected with a horsepower jones since long before sons Steve and Joe came along, as patriarch Bob has been tinkering and racing for the past 40 years. One previous project was a '63 Chevy II that ran 9s on 9-inch DOT tires and pump gas, which should indicate that streetability has often been a prime consideration for Brynteson hot rods. Both of the current cars in the stable are capable of single-digit e.t.'s. Bob's Chevelle does it on motor and dips into the 8s on the spray. Steve's Nova is his first car, though he's had it for over 18 years now, and you can expect it to continue getting faster. The Brynteson Chevys will also continue to see street use, Minnesota weather permitting. Bob says he wanted to continue with car projects when his sons came of age, not simply as a means of spending quality time with them, but to teach them "something worthwhile." Steve maintains the family tradition of rodding, crediting not only his dad and brother but also his wife Tina and their three kids for helping to make it happen and keeping it fun.

Quick Tech
Car: '67 Chevy Nova
Owner: Steve and Tina Brynteson, Ham Lake, Minnesota
Engine: Chevrolet 406ci small-block, based on Dart iron block, Wiseco 10.6:1 pistons, Eagle rods and crankshaft, Comp Cams solid-roller cam with 276/284 duration and 0.704/0.660-inch lift, Dart 18-degree aluminum heads with 2.15/1.625-inch valves and Jesel roller rockers (1.6:1 intake, 1.5:1 exhaust), Chevrolet 18-degree single-plane intake, Holley 950-cfm HP-series carb, NOS 250hp nitrous plate, Mallory electric fuel pump, owner-made custom 2-inch headers feeding 3.5-inch custom exhaust, DynoMax mufflers
Trans: GM Powerglide by Jeff Gilles with 8-inch PTC 5,300-stall converter and ATI valvebody
Rear: Chrysler 8 3/4-inch A-body housing with Chrysler 3.91:1 gears and Moser axles and spool
Wheels & Tires: Weld 15x3.5 Pro Stars, front; 15x10, rear; VW-spec radials front; Mickey Thompson 28x12.50 E/T Street, rear
Performance: 650hp @ 6,700 rpm, 540 lb-ft of torque on motor; quarter-mile: 10.17 @ 132 on motor, 9.67 @ 143 on nitrous

Quick Tech
Car: '68 Chevy Chevelle
Owner: Bob Brynteson, Blaine, Minnesota
Engine: Chevrolet 540ci Mark IV big-block based on Bow Tie block, Venolia 13.5:1 pistons, Manley rods, Crower crank, Comp Cams solid-lifter cam with 292/284 duration @ 0.050 with 0.785/0.745-inch lift, Dart 360 aluminum heads with mild porting and 2.325/1.94-inch valves and Crane Gold 1.7:1 roller rockers, Dart single-plane intake with Pro Systems 1,320-cfm carb and 275-shot NOS Big Shot plate system, Barry Grant 400-gph pump (280 gph for nitrous), Lemons 2.25-inch headers feeding 3.5-inch custom exhaust and DynoMax mufflers
Trans: Powerglide with transbrake by Trans King with 10-inch PTC 5,000-stall converter
Rear: Ford 9-inch housing with Strange aluminum case, spool, and 4.10:1 gears, Mark Williams axles
Wheels & Tires: Weld 15x3.5 Aluma Stars, front; 15x10, rear; Mickey Thompson 27x4.5 E/T Fronts, Hoosier 30x10.5, rear
Performance: Power: 614 @ 6,500 rpm at the wheels on motor; 892 @ 7,000 rpm on nitrous at the wheels; quarter-mile: 9.57 @ 141 mph on motor, 8.73 @ 157 mph on spray

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