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Extreme Machines

10-,11- &12-Second Street Cars

Photography by Geoff Stunkard, , Terry McGean,

Quick Tech
Car: '69 Ford Fairlane 500
Owner: Herbert Klemz, Blaine, Minnesota
Engine: Ford Racing 514-inch crate motor, 4.300-inch crank, 9.8:1 compression ratio, mechanical-roller camshaft with 254/258 degrees at 0.050, 0.647-inch lift, Cobra Jet aluminum cylinder heads, Victor Jr. single-plane intake manifold, Pro Systems 1,080-cfm Dominator carburetor, 600 hp @ 6,250 and 600 lb-ft @ 4,800
Trans: Lofgren Auto Specialties C6 with a 3,500-stall converter
Rear: Ford 9-inch with 35-spline axles and 3.73:1 ratio
Wheels & Tires: M/T Sportsman pancakes, front; M/T 28x10.5-15 ET Streets on Drag Star wheels, rear
Performance: 11.70 @ 116 through the exhaust with a full tank

Manic Mustang
The 5.0L Mustang movement that seemed to overtake the streets and strips of America in the '90s showed the hot rodding community that late-model cars can be deadly serious. But somehow the sight of a Fox Mustang GT convertible with aftermarket wheels, headlight covers, and a booming stereo still conjures images of backward baseball caps and gold chains rather than blistering e.t.'s. Applying that stereotype to John Garner's GT would be a large mistake for any would-be opponents. Garner has been a hard-core motorhead since his teens back in the '80s, but as an IT specialist, he tends to handle projects with a very methodical approach. He knew he wanted to enjoy top-down cruising, but he also wanted in on the 5.0 action at the track. Building two cars wasn't an option, so the cruiser would just have to get faster. So, starting in late 1997, John began building a Mustang that would be completely streetable-as in, daily commuter-while blazing the quarter-mile in single digits. To date, the heavily blown 347 has turned very low 10s, and John is still confident that a 9-second timeslip is within his grasp. Several staffers have driven the LenTech AOD-shifted 'Stang and can attest to its street manners. John swears he can milk 20 mpg out of it on the open road as long as he can control his right foot.

Quick Tech
Car: '90 Mustang GT
Owner: John Garner, Eden Prairie, Minnesota
Engine: Ford 347ci small-block using SVO R302 block, Probe crankshaft, H-beam rods, 8.5:1 pistons, Comp Cams hydraulic roller of undisclosed grind, Edelbrock Victor Jr. aluminum heads ported by DG Motors and fitted with 2.05/1.65-inch valves, Cometic gaskets, and Probe roller rockers; Vortec YS-i supercharger with custom cog beltdrive making 22 psi feeding a custom air-to-water intercooler/intake manifold with 90mm Accufab throttle-body, 95 lb/hr injectors; MSD distributor and ignition, factory EEC-IV electronics with Tweecer tuning software; MAC 131/44-inch headers with 3-inch MAC H-pipe and mufflers
Trans: Ford AOD, built and modified by LenTech Automatics; LenTech 9-inch 2,800-stall converter
Rear: Ford 9-inch housing with Currie 9+ nodular case, Ford 3.40:1 gears, and Moser axles
Wheels & Tires: American Racing 16x7, front; 16x8, rear; BFG ZR225/50-16 Comp T/A front, 255/50-16, rear; for the track, Mickey Thompson E/T Street 26x11.50-16 in the rear
Performance: Engine power approximately 1,000 hp at flywheel, measured 770 hp and 790 lb-ft at the wheels; quarter-mile: 10.1 at 145 mph

Plain Blue 10s
You have to push a car pretty hard to get it into the 10s, so the fix is usually a big hit of spray on a 12-second run to make that number and remain on the street. No such thing occurred here. Joe Martin's '65 runs 10.84 at 124 on the motor, then just because it's cool, he chooses to spray it to 10.16 at 133 with a 100 shot.

It's a 10-second big-block car with a plain blue wrapper. We kinda knew where this was going when we found out this car was intended for the street-as a sleeper. Joe was 16 in 1966, so we're thinking the years between teen and adult taught him a ton about what looks fast usually isn't. Now, his 25 years of wrestling with boat motors transferred to some car skills and allowed him to relive his youth. But this time he'll be teaching others the lesson.

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